Republican Manipulations in OH-15th


This morning's Columbus Dispatch has a letter to the editor from a former Republican candidate for Ohio's 15th district, John Adams, who explains how he was approached to drop out of the primary to clear the way for Steve Stivers, Republican and former bank lobbyist. Adams did not drop out of the primary. Another candidate, David Ryon, a former Republican turned Constitutional candidate, had also been approached to drop out.


...On Oct. 28, 2009, Doug Priesse, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, asked to meet with me concerning my candidacy.

During our meeting, he pointed out that Steve Stivers, a Republican candidate for the same office, would prefer “to conserve his money and efforts” for the general election in November 2010 and not be subjected to a primary campaign....

......According to Ryon, Stivers met with him the next day to discuss Ryon’s Constitution Party candidacy. This is particularly disturbing for a candidate of the Republican Party to cross party lines and attempt to “clear the field” of a candidate in the Constitution Party....

Stivers has expressed his plan to repeal/eliminate the 16th & 17th Amendments and the Health Care Reform Law.  Stivers is making his second attempt at capturing the seat for Ohio's 15th congressional district. He failed in 2008 when Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy defeated him.  Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15th-Dem) has been the target of the Tea Party Republicans, Stivers, and the good old boy Republicans and lobbyists.

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