CA - How I voted on the candidates, propositions and ballot measures.

Hi everybody, so I filled out my absentee ballot and already sent it in, it's the only way to fly in Oakland since our know nothing Elections Supervisor bought a bunch of Sequoia systems fraud machines despite popular outcry... anyway here's how I voted:

Partisan Offices - statewide
Governor - Phil Angelides
Lt. Governor - John Garamendi
Secretary of State - Debra Bowen
State Controller - John Chiang
State Treasurer - Bill Lockyer
Attorney General - Jerry Brown
Insurance Commisioner - Cruz Bustamente (with waffling)
United States Senate - (blank) or Diane Feinstein (see below)
United States Representative - Barbara Lee
State Assembley - Sandre Swanson
Judges - re-elect
Statewide propositions.
Proposition 1A-NO!
Propositions 1B-1E Yes.
Proposition 83 - NO!!
Proposition 84 - Yes
Proposition 85 - FUCK NO!!!
Proposition 86 - Yes
Proposition 87 - HELL YES!
Proposition 88 - No
Proposition 89 - YES YES YES! HELL YES!!
Proposition 90 - NO!
City of Oakland
Measure M - yes
Measure N - YES!
Measure O - YES YES YES!

The "why's" are below the cut.

There's more...


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