FACT: Obama and Clinton Support Building More Nukes

Both Obama and Clinton support building more nuclear power plants in America. That is their record.

Can we please cut the baloney?  

Can we please stop inhaling their rhetorical smokescreens?  

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Obama Supports Nuclear Power?

During last nights debate both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were against nuclear power. Obama was hedging.

Obama comes from Illinois, where nuclear power is huge. And he voted for the Bush energy bill. Does Obama have support from the energy industry? The energy industry (and the pharmaceutical industry) have the most to lose from Hillary Clinton winning. They were the primary backers of Bush.

So my question is, does Obama support nuclear power?

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The Nevada Debate Revealed Some Flashpoints

The Nevada debate has just concluded.  As I saw it...the story coming out of the debate: four flashpoints.

1) More nuclear power plants and more nuclear waste? Which candidate is ACTUALLY committed to NOT creating more nuclear plants and more nuclear waste?

Look at the 2007 legislation cosponsored by both Obama and Clinton that would build more nukes, and Obama's vote for the 2005 energy bill...that WILL lead to 30-50 more plants.

What does Las Vegas want? The cosponsors of that 2007 bill? Which of the candidates will promise to repeal the pro-nuclear power provisions that Obama voted for...and are still on the books?  

2) Using Fear In Politics...Bush has done it...Is Hillary going to be more of the same?  She claims she is not playing politics with it. Do we want 4 more years of fear mongering?  Obama says no.

3) National Gun Registry...What do Obama and Clinton's positions mean? They want it?  Which means what politically?

4) Pakistan Crisis...who performed the best on this, on day one, back on December 27, 2007? The answer:  Edwards.

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How John Edwards Can Win the Nevada Caucuses

What will Edwards, Obama and Clinton bring to the potentially game changing debate in Nevada on January 15?  What will the Nevada media, and Nevada electorate, be discussing on January 16, 17 and 18?  And what will the voters in Nevada tell the country on January 19?  What message will they send?  No doubt, each one of the campaigns is carefully considering all of these questions, and planning accordingly.  

For purposes of this diary, I want to consider how John Edwards and the Edwards campaign can focus on winning the Nevada debate, determining the "conversation" that takes place between January 16-18, and ultimately, winning the Nevada caucuses on January 19.

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How Bill Clinton Attacked The Democratic Front-Runner

The Clinton campaign's recent release of a detailed energy policy document, and the continuing (multi-layered) fallout from the 2007 Philadelphia debate, brought to my mind something that occurred in the 1992 race for the democratic nomination.  This recollection, in turn, reminded me of something that, strangely, seems to have been forgotten by today's mainstream media, namely: how Bill Clinton attacked the democratic front-runner in 1992. Some history...

You might recall that in 1992, Paul Tsongas, Bill Clinton, Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown and Bob Kerry were competing for the democratic nomination.  Following his victory in New Hampshire in February of 1992, Paul Tsongas became the front-runner. As a result, every single one of his democratic rivals began to attack Tsongas.  They pounced on all fronts.  

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