NY-29: North Korea - Failure of Leadership

I will not be able to liveblog this morning but I wanted to share this with you.  On Sunday afternoon I had a diary entitled They were warned and did nothing, tying together various issues where the Bush administration was warned yet failed to take proper action.  Even though the diary had a quote from General Wesley Clark that mentioned the growing threats in Iran and North Korea as a direct result of President Bush's poor leadership, I did not expect such sudden confirmation from the Korean peninsula.

It is now clear that North Korea has detonated a nuclear device. What is also clear is that this development has dramatic and dire implications with respect to the security situation in the Pacific. During my 24-year career in the Navy, I had the opportunity to serve several tours in the Pacific Fleet, so I have had some opportunity to study these issues first hand. Although I am no longer privy to the classified intelligence briefings, from watching CNN and other news sources, a number of things become immediately apparent.

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Foley and North Korea: The Political Connection

Now wait ... before I go on, I'm not saying Mark Foley the person has any connection to Kim Jong Il. This is about the political connection between the two events. You see, the Foley scandal has a far deeper significance even than most people are giving it credit for. It's not about the "end of the Republican Revolution," or what it exposes about the GOP's lust for power.

The Foley scandal strikes at the very heart of the modern GOP, the essential bedrock of the party politically.

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North Korea Nuclear Test

Bumped -- Jonathan

Well it looks like North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. This is directly due to Bush's inept diplomacy.  We desperately need a change in direction.  Desperately.

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North Korea Performs Nuclear Test

CNN is reporting that North Korea performed its first nuclear test today.  What impact will this have on the upcoming election?  Will it push ethics and the Foley scandal from the public mind?  Will Bush use military strikes in order to create a rally affect and make voters think about national security (the Republicans historical strong point in polls)?

Or could this be beneficial to the Democrats?  Could they argue that Bush's war in Iraq has left us vulnerable against states that have real WMD like N.K.?  I'm worried that the Dems don't have what it takes to tell the second narrative.  Am I alone?

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North Koreas Economy and Nuclear Testing

This past Tuesday the North Korean government announced that it would proceed with the testing of a nuclear weapon sometime in the future. Since the release of that statement there has been a lot of speculation concerning whether North Korea really would carry out its plans for testing the device. In the last 24 hours there have several news reports that the test would take place sometime this weekend. Here's the question: What would be the consequences for the North if they followed through and carried out the test in economic terms?

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