Giuliani Doesn't Understand Iran

Rudy Giulini claims to be an expert on foreign policy. But, over the weekend he told a New Hampshire audience that he's unsure which country has a great nuclear threat, Iran or North Korea. We've put up a release about this on our website at NJDC.

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Who are we at war with today?

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

In a unanimous decison by its editorial board, Time Magazine named President George W. Bush as its Man-Child of the Year, beating out such wannabes as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Iran's Ahmadinejad, and North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

Time took into account Bush's entire body of work, including his actions on 9/11, where he continued to read My Pet Goat, despite a massive attack on the United States.

The cover of Time is adorned not only with a picture of Bush, but with a broken mirror, signifying the seven years of bad karma his Administration has brought, a remarkable achievement considering they've only been in office for six.

In explaining their decision, Time's editors explained that Bush ran away from the field on all the key components that make up a Man-Child: a very brief attention span, inability to speak in complete sentences, a propensity to make a huge mess and then blame others for it, and a bedtime of 9:00 p.m.


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Dick Cheney's Greedy Hypocrisy on Sanctions

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As the "Cheney administration" pushes for sanctions against North Korea (link), the importance of sanctions as a potential deterrent for rogue nations is undeniable.  With this in mind, Dick Cheney's past double-dealing with regard to sanctions should be a frontpage story.  But, alas, this important part of the National Security dialogue is entirely missing.

David Sirota co-wrote a piece on this before the 2004 elections. (link) The most recent discussion of this I can find (besides what I wrote here) is from May of this year in Harper's. (link)  The piece in Harper's focused mostly on Cheney's blatant inconsistencies with respect to Iran:

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Watching Bush's Press Conference on North Korea

I'm with Josh Marshall. This press conference is really quite stunning.  He's trying to sound tough by pointing out that Clinton's policies failed, and that, well, so did his?  That's the best he's got?  If you're watching, chime in.

Bush is wearing no clothes, and the press corps is basically asking him 'Aren't you embarrassed that people are laughing at your threats?'

Update: Ok, now Bush is saying we need to find out what Republicans and Democrats knew about the Foley scandal. Come on.

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