Protect the Gulf Coast: Stop Bush

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Despite having vetoed only three other bills during his entire Presidency, George W. Bush is currently threatening to veto 9 of 12 Congressional spending bills. Apparently the man hates children's health insurance, military leave for our troops, and saving not just the Everglades, but all of the Gulf Coast.

Congress this week passed the $21 billion Water Resources Development Act. The bill would help restore the Florida Everglades and defend the Great Lakes against the encroaching Asian carp. Now, I think most of Bush's veto threats are asinine, but why mention just this particular one on a Katrina recovery blog? Because, according to the Times Picayune, the WRDA also would

authorize a 72-mile system of levees and floodwalls to shield Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes from hurricane storm surge and up to $1.9 billion for Louisiana coastal restoration projects. It would fortify New Orleans area levees to withstand a 100-year storm and authorize $100 million for hurricane protection in Jean Lafitte and lower Jefferson Parish.

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Edwards, Obama, and Dodd improve on Katrina recovery

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Attending school in the northeast, as I do, limits one's ability to fight for Katrina recovery issues. Fortunately for me, the northeast means New Hampshire, giving me the rare opportunity to talk to presidential candidates about New Orleans and the pace of recovery there. To take advantage of this opportunity, I have spent the last several months grading the top candidates on their hurricane recovery proposals, and revising those grades when necessary. Today, it is necessary to revisit and revise the grades I originally gave Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Chris Dodd.

This post contains original analysis, as well as accounts of personal conversations with several candidates, and original audio of my conversation with Dodd.

I. An Explanation
II. John Edwards
III. Barack Obama
IV. Chris Dodd
V. Summary of Previously Reviewed Candidates (Biden, Clinton, Richardson)

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Bookies, Pimps, and Insurance Companies

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The insurance industry has a great scam of a gravy train going on with home and business owners. Think about it. Collect the premiums, deliberately fail to pay out the claims, pocket the profits, leave town, reduce the coverage, increase the premiums, repeat.

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The Answer Is No

    Recently I wrote an article discussing whether municipalities, specifically New Orleans, had an obligation to bring low income people back from evacuation. In the article I discussed and asked the question does the city owe the poor a return ticket back to poverty and to their slums?

    According to many in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast, the answer is a resounding no! It appears that many jurisdictions are rezoning and allowing previously zoned areas to expire so that they can remove the makeshift trailer parks that FEMA created after the Katrina catastrophe. The modern day "Hoovervilles" are becoming unwelcome to the local governments. These governments want to evict the evacuees and shut down the trailer parks. According to these jurisdictions the trailer parks have become crime-infested, pockets of poverty. There are some who believe that it is not about crime or poverty, but has racial implications. The residents in these jurisdictions have a concern about poor, black people living in their neighborhoods.

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John Edwards Offers NOLA Much More Than Talking Points

Many people know that John Edwards chose New Orleans to announce his campaign kickoff this time around. While supporters like me saw this as him wanting to highlight the problems in NOLA as proof of his message of two Americas, naysayers have said that it was just political showmanship meant to exploit the national tragedy that was NOLA and the whole gulf coast. Well, today John Edwards has shown that NOLA wasn't just a talking point or a publicity stunt, but a true objective of his campaign to bring much needed relief to this historic and distinctive American city. Lets look at Edwards plan to revive New Orleans, and make it once again one of the more attractive cities in America.

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