Governor Richardson Comes to Washington

Fresh off of his appearance at Yearly Kos, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is coming to Washington (that's Washington state, not the other Washington) this weekend. As part of his visit, I've worked with the Governor's staff to arrange an exclusive meeting with Governor Richardson for many of our local progressive bloggers.

It is a credit to Bill Richardson that he is willing to sit down with bloggers and have a  dialogue with us about the issues facing our state and our nation. Governor Richardson clearly gets it, and we are excited to welcome him to Washington this weekend.

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Winning the West, Winning the Congress: Three States and Frontier PAC

I spend a great deal (probably too much) time analyzing Congressional races across the nation. I look at things said here, I look at what the Democrats are targeting and what the Republicans seem most scared of losing. I even pay attention to what BBC is calling the states to watch in 2006. I also focus on finding the most corrupt Republicans and look at how to best target them.

From these various musings I have started putting together various Act Blue sites designed to help win big in particular states where I consider victory particularly within reach and particularly sweet. The states I am choosing are ones where particularly close, hot races can be combined with races that can be TURNED competative if we can make corruption a big issue AND also throw in some long shot but still possible races. More below for three of these efforts.

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Sunday Albuquerque Immigration Rally

This post appeared on our fledgling New Mexico politics blog NMFBIHOP. It describes the rally on immigration rights that took place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center:

The courtyard of the National Hispanic Cultural Center was awash in white, as spanish drifted out from the crowd at Albuquerque's Day of Action Event.

The crowd was estimated by the Albuquerque Journal to be about 2,000 people, though this blogger estimated it more at around 1,500, while the Albuquerque Tribune quotes organizers estimated the gathering at more than 1,000.

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