Dirty tricks in razor thin New Mexico

What the hell?

Last time anyone checked, Patty Madrid was up four points in the NM-1 race against Heather Wilson. Now, in the Democratic heart of the swing district, Republicans are trying to muddy the water:

After receiving sworn affidavits from voters who were deliberately and repeatedly given incorrect information on voting locations in Albuquerque by the Republican Party and related organizations, District Judge Vanzi is considering a temporary restraining order which would ban the Republican Party from contacting voters who are not registered Republicans.   The evidence suggests an active strategy aimed at confusing and disenfranchising minority, Green, and Democratic voters.  A hearing will be scheduled tomorrow in response to a Democratic complaint.

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NM-01: Wilson Lies for George Bush, Again!

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In this morning's ABQJournal, Wilson said:

"The intelligence that caused me to vote in favor of authorizing the use of force was not Saddam's nuclear program, but his biological program," Wilson said in the written statement this week.

That's a lie. On March 8, 2003, on the eve of war, Wilson told the Albuquerque Tribune that it wasn't just biological weapons - that it was also Saddam's chemical weapons and his desire to obtain nuclear weapons that caused her to vote in favor of going to war with Iraq. Wilson:

"For me," (Wilson) said, "the action against Iraq has to do with chemical and biological weapons and Saddam Hussein's desire to get nuclear weapons. We can't let him have those weapons."

Rep. Wilson, it's time to be honest with New Mexicans. You've supported Bush's war from the beginning. You've never asked the tough questions about what got us into the war in Iraq. And, now, you're continuing to flip flop on why you voted for this disastrous war in the first place. Rep. Wilson, New Mexicans deserve the truth - and, it's time you gave it to them.

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Rolling Stone Mag: Taking Back Congress

Rolling Stone Magazine (10/19/06) has a very good article called Taking Back Congress.  The author, Tim Dickinson, highlights 10 key districts that could help Democrats win the majority. The districts highlighted are-- OH-15th, PA-7th, CT- 5th, NM-1st, CA-4th, IN-8th, NC-11th, AZ-5th, NY-24th, MN-6th.  Since I write about Ohio's 15th district, I was particularly interested in what Dickinson had to say about Republican Deborah Pryce and her challenger, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy. (Dickinson says that Democrats have their best chance at winning the 15th since Pryce has been such a loyal Bush supporter and the 4th ranking Republican leader in the House.)

The article might be online later.  When you go to your local magazine rack, check out page 59 in the October 19th issue of Rolling Stone.


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NM-01: Reuters Poll Shows Madrid Up Big

I don't think that I can quite believe that the news is this good -- a Reuters poll has Patricia Madrid up ten points on Heather Wilson.

They have a little snippet in the Washington Post.

NEW MEXICO 1 - Five-term Republican Rep. Heather Wilson trails Democrat Patricia Madrid 50-40 percent in this Albuquerque-based swing district.
That's all it says on the race, but out of the 15 races polled, Democrats lead in 11 of them.

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NM-Gov Poll: Richardson Cruising to Victory

Bill Richardson is cruising on his way to victory; he is ten feet from the finish line, sipping on some bottled water and sauntering across the line, all while tugging his fellow Dems downticket to victory behind him.

The latest poll numbers bear this out.

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