Hillary Strongest Among Hispanic and African-American Voters

This is my second diary for the day, and it is also about the recent Survey USA polls.  I took a closer look at the New Mexico poll released earlier today, as well as the Alabama poll released several days ago to see if there are any patterns in the cross-tabs re. support for the Democratic candidates vs. the Republican candidates -- specifically support from the Hispanic and African-American communities.  The New Mexico poll got me thinking along this line, as that state is 42% Hispanic and is therefore a good place to look for a significant sample size from this group, and indeed the SUSA poll sample is 38% Hispanic.

http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollRepo rt.aspx?g=c5bc92a1-3400-4f7c-a28b-125c53 b04200

I picked Alabama to look at an African-American sample, as out of the recent SUSA polls, that state has the highest percentage sample among that demographic group.  (Alabama is approx. 26% African-American and the SUSA sample is 23%.)

http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollRepo rt.aspx?g=edb90764-b9f1-4ac6-a3fb-e68034 d96b31

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Clinton Strong in New Mexico

Another day and another Survey USA poll has come out - this time for New Mexico.  
The great news is that almost every match-up (except Obama-Giuliani tie) indicates Democratic victory.   Hillary certainly runs strongest against Giuliani (that somehow seems to be the case in many parts of the country).  Edwards is strongest against Thompson, but Clinton and Obama also beat him by double digits.  All three Democrats beat Romney by at least 15 points.

So there is some good news for everyone, and good news for the Democratic Party especially as this is a state Bush won last time around.

Clinton 51 - Giuliani 43  (+8)
Clinton 53 - Thompson 42  (+11)
Clinton 54 - Romney 39  (+15)

Obama 46 - Giuliani 46  (+0)
Obama 52 - Thompson 41  (+11)
Obama 55 - Romney 36  (+19)

Edwards 48 - Giuliani 44  (+4)
Edwards 52 - Thompson 37  (+15)
Edwards 54 - Romney 34 (+20)

http://www.surveyusa.com/electionpolls.a spx

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Restoring Democracy - Election Reform or Band-Aid Solutions?

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

This an entry in a series of blogs to keep people informed on current election reform and voting rights issues in the news.

Featured Stories of the Week:

Opinion: Voting by mail gets my full support - Clovis News Journal
Opinion: Voter registration needs work - The Lawrence Journal-World

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A New Mexican's Call For Richardson For President

Disclosure:  I am a mom of four in Albuquerque, and I typically diary at Daily Kos, but also at my own blogs.  I have been a vocally supporting Bill Richardson for president since the primary season of 2004.  I work part time in the health care field, am passionate about the environment, education, health care, energy, public transportation, economic growth and pay equity, and I believe in my heart that Bill Richardson is the candidate to get America back on track.  This is my story, and why I support Bill Richardson for the democratic nomination...

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Bill Richardson Showing Leadership on the Environment & Global Warming

Being the sole Democratic candidate for President with executive branch experience, voters can evaluate Bill Richardson from the unique stand point of an actual record of implementing policy on key issues, not merely the speeches he has given.  

On the issue of climate change, Richardson has offered the most aggressive plan of any candidate, proposing to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050.  But will Richardson be true to his word if he's elected President?  Richardson is proving by his actions as Governor of New Mexico on global warming that the answer is yes.

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