NM-Gov: Denish a Strong Gubernatorial Candidate

With Congressman Tom Udall seemingly more likely to jump into the New Mexico Senate race, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish is increasingly free to do what it seems she prefers to do from the beginning: run for Governor in 2010 rather than for Senate in 2008. And in the case of a gubernatorial bid, Denish is already looking strong.

When Lt. Gov. Diane Denish said earlier this month she'd stick to her plan to run for governor in 2010, she had good reason.

Already, the Democrat has more than $1 million in the bank for the contest and no announced opponents.

While her ascent to governor might look like it will be easy, Denish wanted the word out Tuesday about how much she's raised. She was not required to post the numbers; she did it voluntarily.

The move could be to stem any opposition early in the process, said University of New Mexico political science professor Lonna Atkeson.

"That should scare off potential opponents," she said. "War chests are good because they scare off people."

There are a lot of folks who would have liked to see Denish representing New Mexico in the Senate. But there are also a lot of folks who would be really like to see her as the next Governor of New Mexico. And at least at this very early juncture, she would seem to be strong contender (that is, of course, assuming she doesn't become Governor in 2009 should Bill Richardson become President or a Cabinet Secretary or Senator...).

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NM-Sen: Tom Udall Would Smash Either Wilson or Pearce

Markos has released the results of polling out of the New Mexico Senate race he commissioned from non-partisan pollster Research 2000. Lo and behold, Tom Udall, who has been subject to a robust draft effort, is by far the strongest Democrat looking at this open seat race.


The poll was in the field Monday through Wednesday, with 600 likely voters interviewed for a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Among those polled, Udall's favorability spread of 51 percent positive and 28 percent negative was the best, and Udall's strong favorable rating of 15 percent was also higher than that of any of the other four New Mexico politicians polled.

With Udall seemingly the strongest candidate -- and a strong progressive, to boot -- and Marty Chavez already going negative even before Udall jumps in the race (he's still considering a bid), the time is right to head over to DraftUdall.com or the Draft Udall Act Blue page to show your support for the Congressman and to let him know you want him to run.

NM-02: Meet Bill McCamley. He's Running for Congress.

Second Congressional District candidate Bill McCamley made another outreach to the netroots today with the release of two YouTube videos.  You can watch them at Bill McCamley's YouTube channel WatchBill.

The first video is of McCamley at the Democratic State Party Convention (the convention highjacked by Tom Udall's announcement that he'll need another couple weeks to decide if he'll run for Senate).  McCamley quickly pointed out he has been running for months, and he is running because "Steve Pearce represents all that is bad in Washington to people in this room." Not just the people in that room, McCamley.

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The Draft Udall Campaign Relaunches

Update - 1:56am by Adam: I just found this great video of Udall at this weekend's State Central Committee meeting saying he's thinking about running from the indispensable NM blogger barbwire at Democracy for New Mexico. She writes: "Udall entered the hall to a standing ovation, loud chants of "Run, Tom, Run" and a multitude of waving signs urging the same."Draft Udall!

We get press releases:

The Draft Tom Udall for US Senate movement unveiled its newly redesigned website (http://draftudall.com).  The Draft Udall site relaunch caps a week of significant momentum to encourage Congressman Udall to run for New Mexico's open Senate seat which included numerous reports that Udall was reconsidering his decision to run for the US Senate due in no small part to the Draft Udall movement.

"Our target has always been to get our message out to one person, my Congressman and the next Senator from New Mexico, Tom Udall," said New Mexican and Draft Udall founder Alex Flores.  "Draft Udall has given a voice to countless New Mexicans and other Americans who want to see a true progressive fighting alongside Senator Bingaman in the United States Senate."

Since its launch one month ago on October 3rd, the Draft Udall movement has gained support from across New Mexico and the country, gathering over 500 petition signatures and more than 100 donations with more pledged if Udall declares for the Senate.  The site also includes roundups of coverage that the Draft Udall movement has received on the internet and from mainstream media (http://draftudall.com/?page_id=3).

The new Draft Udall site allows for donations to be made to Tom Udall's federal campaign account via the online fundraising clearinghouse ActBlue, to sign a petition supporting Tom Udall to run for US Senate, and to send a message of encouragement to Rep. Udall.

The redesign work was donated by noted web designer Kyle Stoneman (http://kylestoneman.com).

Check out the new site -- it really looks cool. Coming on the heels of news that Udall is reconsidering his decision not to run for Senate (i.e. he's now thinking about running), this relaunch from DraftUdall.com provides a good opportunity to remind folks that now's the time to send Congressman Udall a clear signal that we think he should run by making a small, but meaningful $5 contribution to his campaign through ActBlue and signing the petition asking him to run.

Flores is right: New Mexicans do want a real fighting progressive working beside Jeff Bingaman in the United States Senate, and Tom Udall is just that man. So head over to DraftUdall.com today and get involved.

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Draft Udall Nears Success; Udall Reconsidering Run for Senate

It sounds like Congressman Tom Udall is paying heed to the countless activists in New Mexico and around the country seeking to draft him into the race for the United States Senate in New Mexico. Michael Coleman has the scoop for the Albuquerque Journal (and I'm hearing the same story backchannel as well).

I just got a call from someone very knowledgable about N.M. Democratic politics who says Rep. Tom Udall's people are calling the party's heavy hitters in the state this morning to inform them he is reconsidering a run for the U.S. Senate.

The source stressed that the congressman has not made an ironclad decision to run but wants people to know he's giving Sen. Pete Domenici's soon-to-be open seat a serious second look.

Shortly after Domenici announced his retirement on Oct.4, Udall said he would not seek the seat, citing his growing stature in the U.S. House and a new seat on the appropriations committee.

But a rapidly growing "Draft Udall" movement online, as well as major arm-twisting from the national Democratic elite (including Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Chuck Schumer), has convinced the congressman to reconsider.


Incidentally, I also heard yesterday from separate - but equally reliable sources - that Gov. Bill Richardson called Udall yesterday to tell him he DOES NOT plan to run for the Senate and would stay out of Udall's way if the congressman decides to jump in.

Now that Udall is reconsidering his decision to not run for the Senate, it's time to press on with the Draft Udall movement -- and press on hard. Head over to the Draft Udall Act Blue page and make a $5 contribution today to send Congressman Udall a clear signal that you want to see him run and head over to DraftUdall.com to find other ways to get involved.

More on this as it develops...

Update [2007-11-1 13:38:46 by Jonathan Singer]: Head over to the petition page right now to make your voice heard.

Update [2007-11-1 14:37:44 by Jonathan Singer]: Big time New Mexico blogger Heath Haussamen is on the story:

U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., is reconsidering running for U.S. Senate, a knowledgeable source confirmed today.


Alex Flores’ DraftUdall.com has already raised more than $1,000 through ActBlue in small contributions for a Udall Senate run, and supporters have pledged another $5,000 through the site if he enters the race.

The push in Washington and the grassroots, progressive support in New Mexico has apparently had an effect, and Flores said he is pleased with today’s news that Udall is reconsidering.

“It looks like the one person in New Mexico we were hoping would hear us got the message,” he said. “Tom Udall can count on the netroots to follow through and support him all the way to the U.S. Senate.”

Congrats to MyDDer Alex Flores for doing a lot of the legwork on this effort and running DraftUdall.com. And I'm hearing that we may be seeing and hearing more things from this effort soon...

Update [2007-11-1 17:33:6 by Jonathan Singer]:Jim Baca, former Albuquerque mayor and current New Mexico Natural Resource Trustee for Governor Bill Richardson (among other things), blogs as follows on the ramifications of this news:

Winners on Udall's entry would be: Udall himself, the American people and New Mexicans, the Democratic party, America's journey back to status as a respected member of the international community, the environment and western public lands.

Losers on Udall's entry would be: Marty Chavez, the Republican Party, neocons, and the oil and gas industry(my favorite).

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