More and Better Udalls: Outside Magazine Profiles the Family

We have two great candidates running for Senate in the Mountain West.  The two are cousins from a great Democratic political family -- the Udalls.  Tom Udall and Mark Udall are both looking like great chances to turn two red Senate seats blue.  And these aren't Bush Dog Dems.

As I mentioned, they are from a great political family, the Udalls.  Mark (the Colorado Udall) is the sun of famed Representative Mo Udall. Mo Udall was an Arizona Congressman from 1961 to 1991.  He served from when John F Kennedy was in office to just before Bill Clinton replaced the first President George Bush.  And he did great work during his tenure on many issues -- most notably the environment.

More on the Udall family and the feature on them in Outside magazine below the fold.

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NM May Throw Nov Election to Repubs Again

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Voter disenfranchisement is a fact in New Mexico.

Although the Gubenatorial Mansion and both houses of the state legislature are comfortably controlled by Democrats, the systematic disenfranchisement that tossed New Mexico to Bush in 2004 threatens to throw the 2008 presidential election results to the Republicans as well.

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New Mexico to Hillary - So What About Those Super Delegates?

Note: You can also follow the New Mexico Super Delegates at the Super Delegate Transparency Project.

If you say you knew what a super delegate was before this year's Democratic Presidential race... you're either lying or you are a legendary political junkie.  Or maybe you were once a super delegate yourself.

And many of those who now know about the existence of super delegates still do not know who are super delegates and how one becomes a super delegate.  To become a super delegate, you must be a current or former elected officeholder or a DNC party official.  So who are the super delegates in New Mexico and who do they support?

Go below the fold to see.

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Breaking News: Clinton Wins the New Mexico Caucus

New Mexico state party officials have just declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the New Mexico Caucus. Again Ms. Clinton won the overwhelming support of Latinos.

Further updates forthcoming.

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Hillary wins New Mexico

Just saw the chair of the Democratic Party in New Mexico on CNN ... Clinton got about 73,000+ while Obama got 71,000+.

A win is a win.

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