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Challenge Upheld to Arizona Immigration Law. A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court decision that blocked the most contested provisions of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect. More from the Tucson Sentinel.

New Mexico Governor Vetoes Health Care Exchange Bill. The Republican Governor Susana Martinez in the Land of Enchantment has vetoed legislation that would have created a one-stop shopping clearinghouse for tens of thousands of New Mexicans in need of health insurance. The full story in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

DC Mayor Gray and DC Council Members Arrested in Budget Protest. The Washington Post reports that Washington DC city officials including Mayor Vince Gray and members of the DC City Council were arrested Monday afternoon while protesting the inclusion of two DC specific riders that overrule the wishes of the District's resident. I'll say this again, the District needs its own representation in Congress. No other federal capital in the world has its citizens disenfranchised.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race. Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to open a DOJ investigation into the Waukesha County clerk who found 14,000 missed votes. The story from the Huffington Post.

Tim Donnelly aka The Shredder. The Los Angeles Times profiles Tim Donnelly, a Tea Party-backed freshman Assemblyman from San Bernardino who is raising concerns with his violent rhetoric. He is a political novice and a former member of the Minutemen vigilante group who squeaked through in a crowded GOP primary and then went on to win in the general election. He has compared lawmaking to a "full-blown war that requires guerrilla tactics." He earned his nickname, The Shredder, after he posted a video on YouTube went viral. The video showed him shredding Governor Jerry Brown's budget proposal.


New Mexico's Gary Johnson Raising His 2012 Profile

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian-minded former two-term Governor of New Mexico, is raising his profile as he looks at a possible 2012 run for the GOP presidential nomination. In October, Governor Johnson, who remains popular in the Land of Enchantment but largely unknown outside it, told the Santa Fe New Mexican that he will be launching a political action committee called Our America PAC to promote his libertarian, small-government ideas. He would neither confirm nor deny, however, that he is entertaining a presidential run.

Next month however,  Governor Johnson, who was governor from 1995 to 2003, will also be releasing a book entitled Seven Principles Of Good Government that will be published by The Heartland Institute, a conservative-libertarian think tank. And he intends a speaking tour associated with the release of the book.

Governor Johnson is one of the few public officials who has called the war on drugs a "bust." Meanwhile, there is also a grassroots campaign to draft the former Governor called Johnson for America.

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AP: Actor Val Kilmer Considering NM Gov. Bid

This just in from AP...

Val Kilmer ponders run for NM governor in 2010

SANTA FE, N.M.--Holy hornet's nest, Batman! The New Mexico governor's mansion?

Fresh from the inauguration, actor Val Kilmer is pondering running for governor in 2010, when two-term Democrat Bill Richardson will be forced from office by term limits.

"I'm just looking for ways to be contributive," Kilmer told The Associated Press on Thursday. "And if that ends up being where I can make a substantial contribution, then I'll run."

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