NH-Sen: Paul Hodes Strongest Candidate Thus Far

From Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling (.pdf), on the race to replace Judd Gregg (or perhaps more precisely Bonnie Newman, the Republican who will be appointed to replace Judd Gregg):

Charlie Bass (R): 37 percent
Paul Hodes (D): 40 percent

John Sununu (R): 44 percent
Paul Hodes (D): 46 percent

Charlie Bass (R): 43 percent
Carol Shea-Porter (D): 42 percent

John Sununu (R): 46 percent
Carol Shea-Porter (D): 45 percent

Currently, Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes, who has already announced that he is running, polls well on top of either former GOP Congressman Charlie Bass (whom he beat in 2006) and former GOP Senator John Sununu (who lost his reelection bid last year). Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter doesn't poll too much more weakly. This race won't likely be easy for the Democrats -- but at worst it should be a tossup, not a bad position for a potential pickup.

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Kucinich At 7% In New Hampshire!!!

The latest Rasmussen poll in New Hampshire shows Dennis Kucinich in fourth place, tied with Bill Richardson at 7%. This shouldn't come as such a surprise, however.

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Kucinich, Independents, and Applause

Dennis Kucinich received rousing applause this Sunday, at a conference sponsored by the New Hampshire Association of Independent Voters. Kucinich addressed the conference, along with Mike Gravel and Jacqueline Salit; executive editor of The Neo-Independent magazine and president of the Committee for a Unified Independent Party, which:

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