New 'New Deal'? - Where's your coalition?

The Timestoday offers us yet another roundup of Dem philosophy musings - Tomasky, Halpin/Teixeira, Uncle Tom Cobbley... -

I can't say I've managed to struggle right the way through either Tomasky or Halpin/Teixeira. But this seems familiar:

Mr. Tomasky argues that the Democratic Party needs to stand for more than diversity and rights; it needs to return to its New Deal, New Frontier and Great Society roots and run as the party of the common good -- the philosophy, he says, that brought the nation Social Security, the Marshall Plan, the Peace Corps and civil rights legislation.

And misleading and downright wrong in so many respects.

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Grandpa Rosenberg's America

Recently I've been thinking of my grandfather. I didn't know him well because he died when I was 8. As I reflect upon his life, my memories of him and the numerous anecdotes I've been told - I can't help but wonder what he would think of our country today.

Irving Rosenberg's story resembles that of many immigrants from his generation. At the age of 16 he escaped Poland prior to Hitler's September 1939 invasion with his six brothers. His father was a man of great foresight and correctly diagnosed the storm that was brewing from Nazi Germany. My great grandmother opposed her children leaving for America and even chased my grandfather with a broomstick prior to his departure. Thankfully she didn't get her way or I never would've been born.

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