Left wing views: Bibi chumped Obama

They have been here before, the Palestinians, that is. They have seen and heard it all. They understand the tactics of Israeli PMs like Bibi Netanyahu, as following an old Israeli strategy to stall, divert, and stonewall any movement that would curb the colonization of Palestine. This is just what happened at the UN the other day during Obama's meeting with Netanyahu and Abbas. About this, left wing observers of the conflict agree.

Here are some conclusions.

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Obama at UN: same old pro-Israel rhetoric UPDATE

What Obama said after today's UN meeting with Bibi Netanyahu and Mamoud Abbas: that "Israel, Palestinians must do more," met expectations that no progress will be in the offing in the near future.

What more must they do? This is perhaps the first time since Clinton and Bush II used the 'wink and nod' policy to condone the continuation of Israeli colonialism of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, that an Israeli PM used the same tactic. Is Netanyahu really for the two state solution? Wink, wink, and nod. If he is unwilling to halt the colonialism and insists on continuing the building and expansion of settlements then there will be no room for a Palestinian state.

The issue now is how to blame the Palestinians for the stalemate. In this, Obama came to the rescue. Obama himself did the dirty work, just as Clinton did so after Camp David. Let's find out how from the MSNBC report:

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Netanyahu: Saudi Peace Initiative Can Bring Peace to the Middle East.

Both Haaretz and YNet are reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the 'spirit' of 2002 Saudi peace initiative could promote comprehensive peace in the region.

The initiative, backed by all 22 members of the Arab League, offers Israel full normalization in return for a withdrawal from territory conquered in the 1967 Six Day War, a Palestinian state and an equitable solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.

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Ethnic cleansing of Israelis from the West Bank?

Mark Elf of Jews sans frontieres is sometimes so hard hitting that it is difficult to quote his material. But this article about Bibi Netanyahu regarding the expansion of settlements on the West Bank was so interesting that it deserves attention. Netanyahu is now contending that the stoppage of settlement building in the West Bank is equivalent to the Nazi concept of "Judenrein:" the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Germany in the 1930s.

This is not a new tactic of Netanyahu, who has used the Holocaust at every turn to continue the opposite reality: the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. But this time he repeated the notion before German diplomats.

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No settlement freeze-No U.S. aid

Natural growth of Israeli settlements?

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