PA-Sen: Joe Sestak, Ned Lamont, and Arlen Specter's Top Ten Worst Votes

The man who beat non-Democrat Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut urges you to stand with the man who will beat non-Democrat Arlen Specter in the 2010 Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

Also, courtesy of The REAL Arlen Specter:

In his 45 years as a Republican, Arlen Specter cast thousands of votes for his party and against Democratic principles. In the last eight years, he voted more than 2,000 times with the Bush Republicans.  So when he claimed at Netroots Nation, "I'll stand behind my votes one by one," it makes one wonder, "Really, Arlen?"

It's hard to imagine any Democrat would stand behind voting for Bush's tax cuts for the richest of the rich or for Sarah Palin to be Vice-President of the United States, but the Real Arlen Specter is proud of his Republican credentials. ...

From the War in Iraq to the economic policies that created this savage recession, many of our current problems can be ascribed to one man: George W. Bush, who Specter voted for in 2000.  Given the chance to correct that vote and help put John Kerry in the White House, what did the Real Arlen Specter do?  Co-Chair Bush-Cheney '04 in Pennsylvania and vote for him a second time.

Now you can chose which one of these actions by the long-time Republican Senator is most egregious. Vote in our poll on this page and check back to see which vote was the worst of the worst. We will call on Arlen to stand behind the winner.

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-Joe Sestak, Democrat for Senate
-The REAL Arlen Specter
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Ned Lamont: Merkley will Rock the Boat!

Today, Ned Lamont came out swinging for Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley. If anybody understands how important it is to have a progressive working majority in the Senate, it's Ned Lamont. More below the fold.....

Full disclosure, I am the netroots director for OR-Sen candidate Jeff Merkley

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Lieberman's Campaign Crashed Own Site

Back in 2006 there was a bit of an uproar from the Lieberman campaign who accused the Lamont campaign of performing a Denial of Service attack on their website. For those of you waiting for the final word, the FBI concluded that there was no concerted effort to  crash the Senator's site. Lieberman's site crashed largely because of poor work by an Internet Consultant.

The site crash occurred in the run-up to Mr. Lamont's upset victory over Mr. Lieberman in the August Democratic primary. But Mr. Lieberman managed to win re-election as an independent in November. In December, the authorities declared that the site had not been hacked, but did not confirm that it had simply been overloaded, as seemed likely.

Now it appears the culprit was indeed a badly configured site and too much e-mail traffic, according to an Oct. 25, 2006, F.B.I. e-mail message turned over to The Advocate in response to its freedom-of-information filing.

"The server that hosted the Web site failed because it was overutilized and misconfigured," the e-mail memo said. "There was no evidence of (an) attack." According to the memo, the site crashed because Lieberman officials continually exceeded a configured limit of 100 e-mails per hour the night before the primary, The Advocate reported. 4/09/fbi-lieberman-2006-crashed-its-own- site/

The final conclusion? Senator Lieberman is as incompetent at hiring competent campaign staff as he is as a US Senator.

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Students for a New American Politics PAC [UPDATED]

Disclaimer: I am the Online Outreach Director for SNAPPAC

Students for a New American Politics PAC
is a student organization founded at Yale University in the aftermath of the 2004 election. The lesson that emerged from those disappointing results was that the only way to bring about a progressive majority would be to actively involve a new generation of voters to fundamentally change the political landscape in America. With the goal of critically engaging students in the emergence of a progressive majority, SNAPPAC began in the spring of 2005 as a politically action committee focused on providing financial assistance for students to actively work on progressive campaigns across the country. This effort not only helps cash-strapped campaigns by providing critical and talented campaign staff, but also allows students to gain the experience necessary to run future progressive campaigns.

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Ned Lamont Endorses Obama pporting-barack-obama

When I decided to run for Senate, I did so because I deeply believed that the citizens of Connecticut were yearning to see fundamental changes in our politics - changes that would make government work for them again.

Today, with our Presidential primary in Connecticut less than a month away, I am announcing my support of Barack Obama for President because I am convinced that his forward-looking, progressive vision provides the best chance to enact meaningful reforms in the way Washington works.

Sen. Obama has the tone and temperament to bring out the best in our people and our nation, and to bring new coalitions together in support of the progressive policies we all want to see enacted. His campaign has already reflected this, not only by bringing hundreds of thousands of new voters of all ages to the polls, but by inspiring so many who are new to politics to become activists as well.

Making healthcare affordable for all Americans, rebuilding our aging infrastructure, and ending our dependence on foreign oil are all problems that require more than a tax credit here or an earmark there. Barack is the candidate best able to enact these big changes necessary to getting our country moving again.

We have seen that Sen. Obama has the wisdom and judgment to get the big decisions right - as he did on Iraq more than five years ago. And when President Obama steps out of Air Force One in countries around the world, he will represent a fresh start with friends and allies. He will end the war in Iraq, work for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East, and start investing in America again - and we will be safer and stronger for it.

We Democrats are fortunate to have had many strong candidates running for President. As you may know, I was proud to work hard for Chris Dodd during his campaign. I have the deepest respect and admiration for Sen. Dodd - especially for his powerful calls to defend our constitutional freedoms by restoring habeas corpus, closing Guantanamo, and living up to the spirit of the Geneva Conventions. I know that Sen. Obama, a former professor of Constitutional Law, has been and will continue to be Chris' ally in fighting to protect our Constitution.

As Barack often says on the campaign trail these days, "with the challenges we face at this moment, the real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result."

It's time to change the game.

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