Tea Party Convention Off to a Raucous Start

The officially unofficial Tea Party National Convention kicked off last night in Nasville's Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center with former five-term Colorado GOP Congressman Tommy "the Tamale" Tancredo delivering the opening salvos. Not surprisingly, Tancredo bemoaned that the country voted to ""put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House ... Barack Hussein Obama." He added that the reason Obama was elected because "we do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country." I'm somewhat shocked he didn't advocate for a poll tax or property requirement.

More surprisingly, Tancredo was thankful that John McCain had lost the 2008 Presidential election. "Thank God John McCain lost the election," he said before going on to rip McCain suggesting that “we would have had a replay of Bush One and Bush Two.” Tancredo suggested that McCain would have presided over big budget deficits and lacked a tough stand against immigration.

If McCain had won “there wouldn’t have been a big fight,” he offered by way of an explanation. “There would have been no Tea Party, no 912ers, no rally for America on the National Mall, and we would not be here. The race for America is on. The president and his left-wing allies in Congress are going to look for every opportunity to destroy the Constitution before we have a chance to save it.” In short, Tancredo feels that the 2008 election has galvanized the right awakening it from a stupor. 

He deplored a "cult of multiculturalism" and suggested the American culture was superior to all others. “How many of you have ever known, read about, heard of, been acquainted with anybody who had to flee from America for a better life? When you raise the gates all over the world, people run one way, and it isn’t because the cultures are all the same. No, they’re not. Some are better. Ours is best."

He concluded by exhorting to the less than capacity audience that "this is our country, let's take it back."

If this is the appetizer, I can hardly wait for the main course. It should be an interesting weekend.

There's more on this story at ABC News while Qatar's Al Jazeera files the report below.



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