After All That Hippity-Hoopla About Tim Tebow. . .

. . . The 30-second Super Bowl spot featuring the Heisman Trophy winner and his mother had about as much as controversy as an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIV, women's rights groups got all up in arms over a commercial sponsored by the conservative organization Focus on the Family. Feminist groups, including the National Organization of Women, urged CBS not to run the ad. These women's groups said the Tim Tebow ad was divisive, offensive and demeaning [Crary, David (2010-1-25). CBS urged to scrap Super Bowl ad with Tebow, mom. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-1-26.].

Here's the "controversial" TV spot that angered women across the nation:

Now I ask you, what is divisive, offensive and demeaning about that ad. The commercial is actually very moderate, and it is a good piece of marketing for an organization that has been criticized in the past for holding positions out of the mainstream.

Ironically, while the Tim Tebow spot has softened the image of Focus on the Family, the controversy surrounding the ad has left feminist groups looking like extremists who want to suppress the speech of those who don't agree with them.

A round of applause must go out to abortion-rights groups because, in the time it takes me to heat up some Tostitos cheese dip in the microwave, they managed to be out-marketed, out-thought and marginalized by Focus on the Family.

Being Pro-Choice Also Means Accepting A Woman's Right To Choose Life

Twenty-six years ago, a 13-year-old girl in Atlanta got pregnant. She knew that at her age, she was not ready for a child. So she had a choice to make -- abortion or adoption. The choice made by this 13-year-old girl was a very mature one for someone of her years. She chose life. She chose to put me up for adoption, and I was fortunate enough to be adopted by a very impressive lady; a lady that was recognized by the Georgia House of Representatives in 2005 for making history as the first black female to graduate from Mercer University [House Resolution 1008].

That's my story. And if by sharing that story, I could prevent just one abortion, then I'd tell it again and again and again on national television.

There is a new controversy looming on the horizon. It involves 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, the conservative organization Focus on the Family, and a coalition of women's rights groups.

At the center of this new controversy is an ad.

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NOW's Media Hall of Shame 2008 Edition

NOW is providing us the opportunity to check out the most outrageous moments of sexism from mainstream media's coverage of the 2008 elections, and rate them yourself on NOW's Misogyny Meter. You can also nominate these geniuses for NOW's Media Hall of Shame "2008 Election Edition".

During the 2008 presidential primaries, media misogyny reached an all-time high. Sen. Hillary Clinton -- who broke new ground for women with her inspiring campaign and came close to winning the Democratic nomination -- was the target of the most extraordinarily sexist attacks we've witnessed in a long time. NOW warned that Michelle Obama would be their next target, and we were right. The media seem intent on outdoing themselves by combining sexist and racist slurs against the potential first lady. From the national to the local level, any woman who serves or runs for political office (or is the spouse of someone who does) is subject to gender-based double standards and sexist attacks. These insults serve to demean and stereotype ALL women. Any question of whether we still need a feminist movement is being answered every day in the media, and the answer is a resounding Yes.

Please check out each one of giants of mainstream media caught in action in video. The illustrious bunch for the Media Hall of Shame includes likes of:

  1. Keith Olbermann insinuates violence against Clinton.
  2. Glenn Beck complains Clinton sounds like his wife.
  3. Ken Rudin says Clinton is Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction.    
  4. Marc Rudov says Hillary acts like a "B-word."
  5. Maureen Dowd is a chronic offender who relies on gender stereotypes.    
  6. Charlotte Allen claims Clinton and all women are stupid.
  7. Robin Givhan brings attention to Hillary's cleavage.    
  8. Mike Barnicle sees Hillary as the first wife outside court.
  9. Tucker Carlson is scared of being castrated by Hillary?    
  10. Bill Kristol thinks white women are the problem.
  11. Andrew Sullivan tries to turn feminist voters away from Hillary.    
  12. Chris Matthews attributes Hillary's success to Bill messing around.
  13. David Shuster sees Chelsea as being pimped out.    
  14. Cameron Cardow thinks its noteworthy that Clinton wears pantsuits.
  15. Cameron Cardow fits three insults into one cartoon.    
  16. Daryl Cagle draws violent imagery of Hillary Clinton as the slain beast.
  17. Sandy Huffaker draws Hillary as a sleazeball slugger.    
  18. Michael Ramirez draws Clinton as the Wicked Witch.
  19. Jack Cafferty imagines Obama wanting to run over Clinton with a truck.    
  20. Peggy Noonan says Hillary "needs space because she's a woman."
  21. Rush Limbaugh doesn't want to see a woman age in the White House.    
  22. Randi Rhodes slurs Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro.
  23. Glenn Beck calls Clinton a "stereotypical bitch."   
  24. Chief offenders: NBC and MSNBC
  25. Fox News labels Michelle "Obama's baby mama."   
  26. Lars Larson thinks Michelle Obama got a free ride.
  27. Gary Langer pits wife versus wife.    
  28. Cal Thomas declares all black women are angry. shame/index.html?open=1&page=1

Surely these media giants make us feel proud of them, don't they?
If somehow you don't approve of the actions of these great geniuses, please ACT. Act NOW!! shame/sample_letter.html

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