RIP 9/11

(This whole week of Pat Riots is dedicated to remembering 9/11 and what happened afterwards)

5 years ago.

I was watching the Odd Couple, getting ready for work, deciding to take advantage of the somewhat flexible hours at my job ( a non-profit research organization located right off Wall St) because the episode was so funny. I remember the last line: Oscar said: "I went on deck to eat the sandwiches and I was attacked by seagulls." Of course, the irony of a joke about being attacked by air on that very day didn't quite exist yet for me.

Out on my bike, in Jersey City Heights, almost at the park on Ogden St with the view of the skyline. One half of my life is suspended, a few pedals away from turning and seeing the North Tower burning. The remaining part of my life rolls away from that moment.

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How the VRA is now a tool of the GOP

Don't get me wrong, I think the Voting Rights Act is one of the best pieces of legislation ever divised by Congress.  But thanks to the Supreme Court's unwillingness to step in and create clear, bright-line rules about redistricting (and deciding this year to allow re-redistricting) and advances in software, the GOP is able to use the VRA to ensure they stay in power.  I will tell you how in extended...

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NYC Fundraiser for Brian Keeler (NYBri) -- Spread the Word!!

[[PLEASE RECOMMEND!! For the sake of the netroots!!]]

You are invited to a NYC Fundraiser to benefit the campaign of NY State Senate Candidate Brian Keeler!

Our Netroots candidate is ready to ROCK with his first Manhattan fundraiser, but we need your help to spread the word!!

If you could please communicate this important message to everyone you know -- and ask them to spread the word as well -- it would be infinitely appreciated!

This event MUST be a huge success as it will serve as a sort of symbolic measuring stick (in the eyes of DC and the media) of the Netroot's determination to walk the walk when it comes to putting our ideas and passion into a position of policy determination (i.e. getting our people elected).

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Why NYC Dems always lose

Two words: Al Sharpton. Now he wants to have all 3 black candidates unite against David Yassky for NY's 11th Congressional District.  

I explain why and why we should ignore Sharpton on the flipside

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Feds to New York: Drop Dead

The NY Daily News ran that headline back in the 70s, when Gerald Ford denied federal aid to the then-bankrupt city.  They're using it again today, and this time it's much worse.  Bush's cronies have cut already-inadequate anti-terror funding by 40%, while raising it in such high-profile targets as Louisville, KY and Omaha, NE.

One of the first things Bush did after 9/11, after he finished reading his children's book (the goat does make it to the top of the hill, for those of you who were worried), was cut funding for NYC first responders - our police and firefighters.  So, what's the explanation here?  Bush has done nothing but undermine our response to terrorist attacks.  Does he want the terrorists to win?  Or does he just hate America?

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