Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 228

I am drowning in local politics. Several very close races right in NYC that are critical sucking me in. I expect most of them will be resolved on Tuesday, but I know at least one, and maybe two of them will go to runoffs. So the end is not yet in sight.

Meanwhile I try to keep, for the rest of my readers, a focus on healthcare reform. And I have added links for several states to ways of supporting Robb Miller in South Carolina, the Democratic opponent of the idiot who called President Obama a liar during his address to the joint session of Congress. We have so far raised over $800,000 towards defeating this Republican idiot. I donated to Miller and I hope you do as well.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 227

On September 1st there was a special election in Iowa that I highlighted in my last newsletter. I am happy to say that Democrat Curt Hanson won that election. The Republicans tried to make the election about marriage equality to try and get out their base. In the end, though, the Democratic candidate was more appealing to the voters.

September 15th is a big primary election in NYC which many of you know I am very involved with. I spend a lot of this issue covering some of those races. More below.

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Stopping a Scalia Fan Running for Judge in Brooklyn

As the Democratic Primary in New York City draws near (Sept. 9th!) some more people are speaking out on the First Civil Court race in Brooklyn. I want to offer up the opinion of the Brooklyn Papers and Lambda Independent Democrats on Roger Adler and Devin Cohen (the two candidates running). Let me give one disclaimer: one of the candidates, Devin Cohen, is a friend of mine, so I am biased.

That said, most people seem deeply disturbed by Roger Adler's anti-gay stands, ties to the Conservative Party, ties to jailed former party boss, Clarence Norman, and his public admission that he openly participates in a pay to play political system. By contrast people seem to like Devin Cohen for his even temperment and honesty. From what I can tell, Devin Cohen has practically all the endorsements while Roger Adler has more money.

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Rep. Nadler, what are you waiting for?

Let's look at some the events of the last few days, to see what they have in common:

1) Dennis Kucinich introduced a single new article of impeachment against the president, for his and his administration's lying us into a disastrous and illegal war;

2) Karl Rove not only failed to appear before the HJC on Thursday after being subpoenaed, but he skipped the country without notifying Congress(!);

3) Nancy Pelosi, in her signature style (vague, ambiguous, and vague again), made a statement which seemed to leave the door open for impeachment hearings (back on the table?);

4) I, Adam Sullivan, filed well in excess of the number of required petition signatures to gain ballot access for the Democratic primary here in NYC, where I am challenging Jerrold Nadler for his seat representing New York's Eighth Congressional District in the House.

From my perspective, this is a strong list of reasons for Mr. Nadler--who chairs the Subcommittee of the Judiciary on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties--to change his position on seeking to initiate impeachment hearings.

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The President & Ground Zero Workers

Cross-posted from Tort Deform

After he was invited to attend the State of the Union Address by Senator Clinton, after his father died hours before the State of the Union, and after a direct public plea to the President in the wake of his father's death, only then did President Bush finally agreed to meet with Ceasar Borja Jr. last week. Similarly, as a result of Borjas's lobbying and publicity, the President also pledged $25 million in additional funding to support monitoring and treatment for Ground Zero workers and responders.

However, this amount of support will only keep the medical program going until the end of 2007, and is only ten percent of the 250 million amount Mt. Sinai, the main provide of these health services, says is needs each year to keep the program going.

And yet, while the President's attempt to ignore the suffering of Ground Zero workers that his administration is to a large degree responsible for (by way of the false statements about safety from contaminants from the EPA in the days after the 9/11 attacks) seems cold and inhumane, I'm beginning to wonder if he really just doesn't understand what is going on.

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