Republicans Running Scared in NC-11

Heath Shuler's strong Q4 fundraising, raising $175,000 over the last three months, leaves him with a cash-on-hand advantage of $353,00 to $19,000 over morally bankrupt Republican incumbent Charles Taylor.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, tipping its weak hand, fired off a release criticizing Shuler for his Tennessee roots:

"Heath Shuler didn't only play football in Tennessee. He used his name to start a business in Tennessee. Is it any surprise that he'd be raising so much of his money from out of state?" NRCC spokesman Jonathan Collegio said. "Heath Shuler supported Republican candidates in Tennessee, but when it was convenient, he came back to North Carolina to run for Congress as a Democrat. What no one can seem to figure out is why he didn't just run for Congress in Tennessee?"

Hmmm... interesting. I wonder if anyone at the ole NRCC knows that NC's 11th is ON THE BORDER WITH TENNESSEE. It's not like he moved from DC back to his momma's house in NC to claim residency to run for office (sound familiar Liddy???). Nor is it like he lost a race in one Congressional district, then switched parties and ran in a Congressional district he didn't live in (sound familiar Walter Jones Jr?).

You folks at the NRCC not only have shown has terrified you are by a Shuler candidacy, but you have also shown how little you actually have to criticize Shuler about.

I have this image of a whole bunch of pin-headed 20-something Republican douche bags over at the NRCC writing this release, thinking "WOW! this will really hit him hard!" Maybe they were hoping it would have the same effect as that salsa commercial - "says it made in NY City. NEW YORK CITY?" The problem is these assholes have no clue. epublicans-running-scared-in-nc-11.html

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