CA-50: The NRCC's greatest hits. A collection of ridiculous ads

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I wanted to consolidate some of the ridiculous ads, and the Busby rebuttals.  Most of the links are from, where you can find lots of info debunking NRCC ads against Busby.  If you can volunteer, donate, or VOTE!

1) Immigration:
NRCC ad(WMV): Bubsy wants amnesty.
Busby ad (WMV): Busby supports McCain (R-AZ) Immigration Plan

2) Gas Tax
NRCC ad (WMV): Busby wants to increase the gas tax.
Truth: Busby backed off her support for an increase in the gas tax.
Busby ad: Bilbray took money from Big Oil.

3) Busby on Child Porn Teacher
NRCC ad: Busby praised a teacher arrested for kiddie porn and excercise poor judgement as a school board member.  Here  is the mailer version of that ad.
Truth: Busby expressed shock when that teacher was arrested.
Busby ad: He never taught again after being arrested.

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NRCC Swift Boating of Francine Busby

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a television ad in San Diego today that is filled with outright lies and a blatant disregard for the truth that is breathtaking even for the Republican Party.

The ad represents a new low for a party that had pretty much plumbed the depths of sleazy political dirty tricks. Unlike 2004's Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry, this ad comes directly from the Republican Party. This ad couldn't have hit the air in San Diego without the approval of county Republican leader, Ron Nehring.

This ad is filled with such massive lies and slanderous statements that any honest Republican should disavow it on sight. Here are the lies and some of the direct repudiations from the Busby campaign.

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NRCC Spending $330,000 in CA-50 Special Election

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Today the NRCC placed a $330,000 ad buy in the Special Election for CA-50.  I think it's safe to say they are not coming in with a positive, feel-good spot. Right before he went to prison, Duke Cunningham made one final donation to the NRCC to try to keep this seat in the hands of another pay-to-play politician. It was the final contribution in a career where Cunningham gave over $640,000 to the NRCC.

With none of the Republican candidates able to gain any traction and Francine Busby polling at 45%, the NRCC is clearly nervous about this race.  The spending is an admission that Francine's campaign is gaining enough momentum to win this election outright next Tuesday.  

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Boehlert to Retire (?); NRCC Chair Expects More on the Way

By almost all accounts, it appears GOP Congressman Sherwood Boehlert will retire this year, potentially making his competitive upstate New York district ripe for the picking for the Dems. But Boehlert is not the only House Republican on the brink of retirement. Just ask NRCC chair Tom Reynolds.

The Hill's e-News email service reports this week that Reynolds, who heads up the GOP campaign to keep control of the U.S. House, is all but predicting more members of his party's caucus will retire rather than seek reelection this fall.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-N.Y.) expects a few more GOP retirements between now the November elections.

"I want our members to stay put," Reynolds told a group of reporters Thursday during an afternoon briefing. "That being said, retirements will and do happen...I expect a couple more."

While this is far from the potential 10 to 15 additional GOP retirements reported by The Hill's Peter Savodnik earlier this month, it is nevertheless quite noteworthy for such a well-connected Republican to concede that more of his compatriots would rather give up the power and prestige of the House than have to face voters again. Just how concerned are these folks about the chances they would be sent home in ignominy were they to appear on the ballot this November?

Surely it can't be the case that all of these Republicans are retiring simply to move on to higher paying lobbying gigs. No, there's something blowing in the wind these days. Even if the well-known political handicappers don't notice, many House Republicans do, and are, as a result, running for the hills rather than for another term. So I ask once again: do the Washington insiders still actually believe that the Democrats don't have a shot at retaking the House in November?

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$1000 reward offer: A Challenge for NRCC on Veteran Candidates

When 40 of the Fighting Dems descended on DC on February 8 (the same day as that mysterious false alarm poison scare), stories in the media said that Republicans had 39 veterans who are running for office. (link) VetPAC quoted a Globe article by Brian Bender who wrote (link):

NRCC spokesman Ed Patru said that 38 Republican congressional challengers have served in uniform, but ''we don't broadcast that because we don't have a credibility gap in terms of security issues."

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