How New Mexico Shapes the Off-Shore Drilling Debate

Note: Daily Kos diarist Environmentalist had a great guest post at Democracy for New Mexico on this subject.  Also a recced diary at Kos.

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You may wonder what New Mexico, as landlocked as any state, has to do with off-shore drilling.  Let's just say isn't much threat of oil platforms dotting the landscape of Tingley Beach.

But with Pete Domenici as the ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Jeff Bingaman as the chairman of that same committee, New Mexico holds some significant sway in any energy policy discussion.  Add in the fact that our governor, Bill Richardson, is a former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton and we have even more clout in energy policy discussions.  

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Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the fine people of DailyKos, MyDD, and NMFBIHOP, for their support in our push to get President Bush to sign the new GI Bill.  On Wednesday, we diaried (kos, mydd, nmfbihop) about Tom's letter to the President urging him to sign the bill.

Click here if you'd still like to sign the letter, it's not too late.

I just wanted to take a moment to point out how much of a help you've all been in this process.  This was the map when we posted on Wednesday:

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Tom Udall Writes to President Bush: Support Our Troops

Tom Udall has made veterans' issues a centerpiece of his campaign.  On May 8th, we asked this community to become citizen co-sponsors of the new GI Bill.

But George W. Bush is still refusing to sign this bill.  That's why Tom Udall stood in front of a gathering of veterans and concerned citizens on Saturday at Bataan Memorial Park in Albuquerque to launch Veterans for Udall by signing, along with over a hundred others, a letter to President Bush urging him to sign the new GI Bill.

But we need all the help we can get, which is why we're asking all of our supporters to sign the letter as well.  Supporters from all over the country have signed the letter, and we've created a map of those supporters and their messages to show how broad the support is for this bill.

Image of the GI Bill supporter map.  Click to see the interactive map.

Video, and what you can do to help, below the fold...

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New Mexico Primaries By the Numbers

A version of this appears at New Mexico FBIHOP and Daily Kos

New Mexico had our primaries on Tuesday.  Everything but the Democratic Presidential primaries were on the ballot.  Three open house seats, an open senate seat and the Republican Presidential race.  

Not to mention every single state House and Senate race.  It was a pretty good day, warm, no wind, and a lot of people heading out to their local school or library to vote.

Oddly enough, for New Mexico, we know the winners of every single race already.  We're used to having our elections then waiting for a couple of days before readying ourselves to announce tot he world just who won.  There were some extremely close races, and some blowouts.

The great news?  Progressives in the house and senate races ousted DINOs in three seats.

While the only numbers that officially matter are who received how many votes in each race, there were some other interesting numbers that came out of the Tuesday election.  Let's do this in a "By the numbers" style.

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Primary Night: Lautenberg Wins, Pearce Leads Narrowly

Here are the results out of the New Jersey Democratic Senate primary look like this:

√ Sen. Frank Lautenberg: 181,467 votes (60 percent)
Cong. Rob Andrews: 101,514 votes 34 percent)

91 percent reporting

And here are the results out of the New Mexico Republican Senate primary:

Cong. Steve Pearce: 41,461 votes (52 percent)
Cong. Heather Wilson: 39,041 (48 percent)

72 percent reporting

This, and much more, over at Swing State Project...

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