NM-1: PCCC Endorses Eric Griego

In their first endorsement for 2012, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is backing state Senator Eric Griego in New Mexico's first district.  Watch Griego's announcement.


"The last thing we need to send to Washington is a Democrat who is a kinder, gentler version of the Republicans."

New Mexico state senator Eric Griego said these words when announcing his candidacy for Congress.

And today, Eric Griego is the first House challenger of 2012 that we're officially endorsing! 

Click here to see Eric Greigo's announcement -- and chip in $3 to his campaign before the closely-watched June 30 fundraising deadline.

Eric is one of the most progressive members of the New Mexico Senate. He won his seat after running a grassroots primary against an incumbent conservative Democrat.

He passed green jobs legislation and campaign finance reform into law. In Congress, Eric wants to create jobs through massive investment in our nation's infrastructure.

NM-1 opens up as Rep. Martin Henreich launchs a bid for retiring Senator Jeff Bingaham's seat.  It's expected a few conservative Democrats are eyeing this one up, and all but confirmed that Terry Brunner, Obama USDA appointee, is in. Griego, though, sounds ready for a fight:

We need whoever goes to Washington to represent this district to be willing to roll up their sleeves and take on this conservative right wing that wants to gut everything that we hold dear... We need someone who can stand their ground!

June 30 is a key fundraising deadline and everyone will be watching the numbers.  Give Griego a boost. 


Awesome New Polling Data Straight from Denver

One of the perks of being in person at an event like the Big Tent and the DNC Convention in general is getting access to some really cool events you can't get to anywhere else.  No, I'm not talking about the after-parties; those actually tend to be fairly lame, imho.  I'm talking about the really informative morning and afternoon sessions where activists have the opportunity to learn things you can't get elsewhere.

Today, the New Leaders Council (not in any way affiliated with the odious DLC) put together a lunch meeting where a pollster from DemocracyCorps (Greenberg) presented for the first time their latest Mountain West polling data, just made available here on their site (PDF only).  It's an awesome wealth of material that confirms what most of us DFH bloggers have been saying for a long time: Obama is our best candidate with great coattails; there is no "Hispanic" problem; the best way to win swing voters is to play to progressive strengths; and John McCain has a serious uphill road to hew in the Mountain West.

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HOUSE RATINGS: Democrats poised to keep their majority

The beginning of the month brought the Senate rankings. Two weeks have passed, so it is time to look at the picture in the House. As bad as this week was for the GOP on the Senate (and make no mistake about it, between Hagel's retirement and Warner and Shaheen jumping in the race, this was as bad as it can get), House Republicans did their best to beat that. After a month of recruitment failures and retirement announcements, Republicans are not at their best in House races, and while some of them were hoping that they could reconquer the House in November 2008, that looks increasingly unlikely.

Read full ranking at Campaign Diaries.

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Poll in NM-1 (a must-win race) shows toss-up

Democratic challenger, state Attorney General Patsy Madrid, has released a poll taken by Dem polling outfit Lake Research Partners, conducted January 25-29.  It gives incumbent Republican Heather Wilson a lead of 44% to 43% with 13% undecided. (400 calls MOE + -4.9%).  Those surveyed gave Madrid a 62% positive job rating as AG and gave Wilson a 52% positive job approval rating. http://www.madridforcongress.com/node/51 3 Madrid's site has a link to the poll that would not work for me.  There is some discussion here http://joemonahansnewmexico.blogspot.com / as well.

This is a top-tier race that we must win to take back the house.  Nearly every opinion I have read calls this one a toss-up and this poll, along with the fundraising totals, confirms it.  Madrid joined the race in October and raised $432,000 in the 4th quarter, slightly more than Wilson.  Wilson has over $1 million cash on hand, however.  I have to think that Bill Richardson being on the ticket for re-election will assist Madrid as well.  

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