Give me your White, scared and wealthy

Tonight the Republicans nominated their candidate for President.  We heard them all speak.  They pulled no punches, that is for sure.  Yet it isn't what they said that intrigued me, it's what they didn't say!


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The Child of Preemptive War

Yesterday my aunt in Arizona and I got into our usual squabble about politics and world events.  She's an nice woman, a retired nurse that sadly has drunk the kool-aid John Airbus McCain has put out.  Well today she sent me an email with the subject line "John McCain would handle Russia".  You can pretty much guess what the whole email was about.  At first I thought I would respond with highlight the usual deficiencies in neo-con foreign affairs.  Then it hit me, what's going between Georgia and Russia was indeed because of neo-conservative foreign policy!  

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The Ticking Time Bomb

     There is a story taking place in America that is being buried by the media, the armed forces, and the politicians. This story is so frightening that no one wants to address it or even talk about it. This story has the potential to bring more violence to the streets of America than any terrorist attack. The frightening tale that is being ignored is the fact that we have ticking time bombs within our midst. They do not belong to al Qaeda or any other shady terrorist cell, they will not be profiled because they don't have Mid-Eastern ancestry, nor are they Muslim extremists. These ticking time bombs are our own sons, daughters, fathers, and brothers. They are the returning soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Hillary Clinton Wants GEORGE H. W. BUSH To Represent Her On Foreign Policy!!

As if the Clintons credibility could possibly get any lower, it was just reported by CNN today that the Hillary Clinton adminstration (if people are dumb enough to actually vote for her)   now plans to hire .. yep .. that 'old Iran-Contra criminal and Saudi Oil Cartel crony, with his idiot puppet sons, -- George H. W. Bush (War Profiteer) -- to advise & represent their administration on U.S. Foreign Policy.

This is Bill and Hillary Clinton's idea of a so-called "change" for our Country
in Foreign Policy:   Hire The Bush crime family!!

This is the Clinton standard-??
What's next?   Dan Qualye for Secretary of State?
Can we set the bar any lower-??

George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary

ORANGEBURG, South Carolina
CNN Peter Hamby   December 18, 2007

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to tell them that America is open for business.

Clinton and the elder Bush, rivals in the 1992 presidential election, have grown chummy in recent years, often traveling and appearing at public events together.

A spokesman for the George H.W. Bush was not immediately available to comment.

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Hillary Clinton is your girl?

There are good Democrats...

And there are clearly bad Democrats.

Elections are about figuring out which is which, and who will best represent the public interest.

Just what does Hillary Clinton stand for?

"Lobbists are real people."
     -Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will fool people with a lot of blather about "fighting all my years in public life" .. blah, blah blah, and having all this so-called great "experience", expertise, and being "smart".   She even uses the 'ol Bob Dole line about being tested and tested and "ready"  (when Bob Dole is your campaign role model, you've got some issues folks).

But where is the actual evidence of any of that?

How can someone who has voted with Joe Lieberman most of the time ever be regarded as having any true expertise whatsoever (much less be seen as smart)? Just what test did she ever pass? How can a person who has never spoken truth to power, and has never done anything remotely politically courageous as a U.S. Senator for 8 long years, be possibly regarded as "the fighter"?  How can the candidate who has been bankrolled far, far more than any of the others by the corrupt War-Defense-Industry, Insurance Monopolies, Big-Pharma, Ruppert Murdoch, the Banking Monopolies, and the Corporate Establishment, possibly be regarded as "your girl"?   How can someone who, at a time when the Country and Congress had been (initially) united behind major Health Care reform (1993), squandered that opportuntity by having proposed an overly complex, buereacratic, HMO-Insurance-driven scheme, that prevented people from even seeing their own choice of doctor, and which was crafted in secret -- which could not be liked by either liberals or conservatives -- then be seen as "competent", much less the person to lead the Democratic Party forward?

Her bumbling, incoherent, and Neocon corrupted U.S. Senate record has left her standing as the most inauthentic option in the Democratic race. And that very bad record combined with apalling indecisiveness and double-speak about major issues (such as War, Torture), tells us what she will really do as President and just what type of advice (bad) she will listen to.

Hint:   Not yours or mine...

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