Obama's Ignorance of Defense

I suppose it is too much to ask the new Messiah to get his facts right, especially on defense issues.  But then again, Barack is soooo special.  Check out Barack's comments posted last October.  He proposes three things that, on the surface, seem eminently reasonable--stop spending $9 billion a month in Iraq, cut the missile defense system, and set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons, which includes taking "ICBM's off hair trigger alert." Watch it for yourself.


Most of this is your normal political boilerplate.  Devoid of specifics and unlikely to be implemented.  For example, if Obama wants to go into a general election and argue that a missile defense system should be cut, good luck.  That plays right into the hands of the Republican message machine that will portrary Democrats as cowards unwilling to protect America.

What is really troubling, at least to me, is the amateur advice Obama is relying on.  He asserts that U.S. ICBM's are on "hair trigger" alert.  Sorry Barack, not true.  But don't take my word:

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I Was Too Busy Running for President -Updated-

In last night's debate Hillary mentioned that Obama was Chair of the subcommittee that has oversight over NATO. And that while Chair of that Subcommittee Senator Obama held not a single substantial meeting. Not one. When confronted with this Obama's excuse was that he had only been Chair since 2007 and he has been busy running for President since then. Hmmm... we have soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Senator Obama is too busy running for President to hold a single meeting? Did I miss something? Surely I need a hearing aid. He didn't just state that the reason he hasn't held a single meeting of oversight was because he was too busy out raising money and running for President.

Say it ain't so O!

While searching through the web I have read some of Obama's supporters come to his defense with the typical bait and switch.
"Well Hillary hasn't done anything while she has been running for President." Oh really? What about The Dignified Treatment of Wounded Warriors Act?
Just what has Carl Levin said about Hillary's legislative accomplishments?

Noting Senator Clinton's leadership, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today noted that Senator Clinton has introduced more legislation to address the problems facing wounded servicemembers than any other Senator.
And somehow Hillary managed to do this in 2007 when Obama was too busy running for President to spend any time holding oversight meetings of NATO while our young women and men were being killed in Afghanistan. Too busy!

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Obama Talks the Talk, But Where's the Walk?

At the Sunday rally in Manchester, NH, Oprah Winfrey stirred the crowd:

"Ain't you tired of the old way of politics," Winfrey asked. The crowd responded "Yes."

Barack Obama recently said:

''We've had enough of ... triangulation and poll-driven politics,'' he said. ''That's not what we need right now.'

Obama is rising in the polls because he's expressing FEELINGS that people WANT to hear. People are worn down by the last seven years, and they want to believe what they're hearing from a hopeful, fresh candidate.  The problem is, it's just talk.  Here are some pithy examples of (1) Obama as the triangulator extraordinaire, and (2) Obama as a do-nothing -- yes, a do-nothing.

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John Edwards Strong Military for a New Century: Brilliant Once Again!!

As if I needed anything to push me further into the Edwards corner. The sellout by Congress that was opposed by Edwards had done just that, but now I have a whole new reason to support Edwards even more. I actually read his plan for a strong military in a New Century last night, but I had to let it absorb. Now, I am just completely dumbfounded by its brilliance and would love to take the time to show some of it to everyone. After the disappointment of the last few days, this plan makes me proud to be a Democrat again, and even more proud to be an Edwards supporter. Well, here goes:

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Russia and the Oil Revolution

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