NATO Command Expects 'Rising Violence' As US Escalates

The NATO commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Regional Command South in Afghanistan, Maj. Gen. Mart de Kruif of the Netherlands, noted today that the number of attacks in Afghanistan is likely to rise as the influx of additional US troops expected over the next six months begins to arrive. The Regional Command South covers a restive section of Afghanistan, including Kandahar and the opium poppy growing Helmand Province that has been the scene of heavy insurgent Taliban activity. From Defense Link:

An increased U.S. presence in the region will spur NATO-led pressure on insurgents and improve efforts to counter narcotics and makeshift bombings, Netherlands Army Maj. Gen. Mart de Kruif, commander of the ISAF's Regional Command South in Afghanistan, said.

But the overall addition of 17,000 U.S. troops to the American contingent in Afghanistan will be met with increased violence at the outset of the plus-up, including a possible uptick in insurgents' growing use of homemade bombings, the commander said.

"That will lead in the first couple of months after the influx of U.S. forces to what I think is going to be a significant spike in incidents," de Kruif told reporters at the Pentagon.

NATO has some 32,000 troops in Afghanistan and of those approximately 22,000 are under the command of Maj. Gen. Mart de Kruif. At the moment, there are 38,000 US troops in Afghanistan with the escalation expected to bring that number to 55,000.

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RAND Report Cites Intelligence Failures in Afghanistan and Iraq

A confidential 318 page report prepared by the RAND Corporation, the Santa Monica CA based think tank that specializes in national security issues, that paints a bleak picture of a counterinsurgency effort undermined by intelligence failures that "at times border on the absurd" has been leaked on Wikileaks. The report covers intelligence operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and is based on over 300 interviews conducted at all levels with American, British, Canadian and Dutch intelligence officers and diplomats.

The report was prepared for the Pentagon's Joint Forces Command and focuses on intelligence and counterinsurgency operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan but it is the comments on the lack of coordination between NATO partners in the Afghan theatre that are causing the greatest stir.  According to the UK Guardian, the marked "For Official Use Only" study was distribution restricted to a select group of NATO coalition war partners and  with the Israelis.

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Words McCain never mentioned: Afghanistan, Climate, Torture, Pakistan, Abortion, Osama...

Hey guys, this is my first diary.  I've cross-posted it at /5/04017/37303/370/587450

After watching McCain's acceptance speech, I started a list of vital issues that John McCain never mentioned ONCE in his speech - not even to name-check them.  I think it would be fun for people to re-read McCain's speech and discover more issues where John McCain "just doesn't get it" - and to read Obama's speech and find out where Obama does.  Here goes...

#1 Climate Change
#2 Health Care/Insurance (okay, one sentence)
#3 Torture
#4 Abortion
#5 Police Work/Crime/Illegal Drugs
#6 Same-Sex issues (marriage, benefits, etc.)
#7 The War in Afghanistan
#8 Pakistan (or the Taliban)
#9 Counterinsurgency doctrine
#10 [drumroll, please...] Osama bin Laden

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Hey Phil Gramm, are the troops whinning too?

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All Talk NO Walk

These say everything that needs to be said.

All Talk NO Walk 4M

Barack Obama has not PU

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