You Don't Want Double Talk; You want Bah Blah Blah

After much brouhaha and bickering over "NAFTAgate," the truth--or as much of it as we are going to get--is out. It turns out, Senator Obama was not Janus, the two-faced Roman god. I should say, at least in this case. The scope of this diary is fairly narrow; I will be dealing only with the claims of Obama's impropriety regarding NAFTA and the Canadian Embassy.

It was conventional wisdom, at least among the more outspoken supporters of Senator Clinton, that the CTV story showed Obama to be duplicitous, double-talking, even fraudulent. A quick look over the rec lists from last week shows that, right from the get go, people were quick to crucify Obama.

Now, not only do we have a copy of the actual memo showing the initial allegations were off base, but the Canadian embassy admitted that the language there might be too strong. There's an excellent diary showing just how wrong the initial claims were here. There was an utter lack of solid evidence either exonerating or condemning Obama when the story broke, but instead of suspending judgment, Obama was immediately branded a hypocrite. Whoops.

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Canadian Public Broadcasting Exonerates Obama

I think it's safe to say that the turmoil surrounding the so-called "NAFTAgate" played into Hillary's strong performance tonight. On the heels of "Super Tuesday II", CBC, Canada's Public Broadcaster, has done a piece on the NAFTA scandal.

The CBC piece details the involvement of the conservative Harper government in creating a sensationalized leak, which itself had almost no resemblance to the actual memo, which itself is now being disclaimed as perhaps not accurate at all. We peel off layers of deception, and there is nothing left at all, except a successful attempt to promote bloodletting among Democrats.

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Obama Still Spinning: A NAFTAgate Update

First, a little explanatory background: CTV actually went with two Obama-Canada-NAFTA stories last week.  First, on Wednesday, the story was that an Obama advisor had told the Canadian Embassy--which is located in Washington--that Obama's NAFTA talk was just political hot air.  The Canadian Embassy issued a strong denial.

Then, on Thursday, CTV ran either a new story or, if appearances aren't deceiving, a corrected version of an original story that had misplaced some facts.  In the new story, Obama's chief economic advisor Austan Goolsbee had told the Canadian Consulate General--in Chicago--that Obama's NAFTA talk was just political hot air.

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Hillary Now Has To Stay In The Race matter what happens in OH and TX.

Oh, but for 24 hours, that's what the Obama folks are probably thinking this morning. If we had only been able to sit on this NAFTAgate for 24 hours more, we could have gotten over the goal line. The story is not so much about telling Ohioans one thing while telling the Canadians something else. That's bad enough. It's about Obama himself caught redhanded in a lie. As it is, these breaking revelations that Obama directly lied with a straight face to the cameras may come too late for the impact to be fully felt tomorrow. We will see.

But, that does not mean it didn't happen. It does not mean that this will not remain a huge albatrose around the neck of this candidate who has campaigned almost entirely on the strength of his character and charisma. That character lies shattered right now, and that reputation can not be recovered, maybe ever. So what does that mean?

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