Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) Hates Daily Kos!

The PA-08 congressional race has already turned ugly just one week after Patrick Murphy won the primary.  Not only has Mike Fitzpatrick already resorted to name calling, but now his campaign manager is attacking not only Patrick, but the whole Kos community!

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Should Progressives use MySpace to Organize (w/ poll)

I have this question, should progressives use MySpace.com to organize.

We all know that MySpace is owned by Newscorp which also owns Fox news as Markos pointed out at the George Washington University Crashing the Gate event. And that they are most likely using it to data mine.

However, MySpace is an excellent tool to reach young people, especially rural students that other wise would be difficult to reach out to.

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Next Generation self organizing student walkouts

Today's high school kids are tomorrow's political leaders, and they are showing off their skills at self-organizing student walkouts. It is interesting to see what tools they are using.

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