Keeping MySpace Ours

I'm almost happy for all the fear-mongering stories written about MySpace. Thankfully, there have been more stories about predators than actual cases. My hope  is that this over-hyped bad press will scare away many Conservatives from investigating this network's potential.

Similar anxieties of obsolescence kept conservatives from letting their children investigate social phenomenons such as reading novels, zippers, jazz, television, rock & roll, and now P2P networks. And thank god for that - for a while, liberals were the only ones listening to jazz, quickly dressing and chilling on MySpace.  

MySpace just passed Yahoo! for the most pageviews per day in the country. 95 million people have set up accounts and built pages. 95,000,000. But the network's size is NOT the important part!

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Myspace content

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Given all the recentpress regarding MySpace, I was surprised not to find a compilation of useful MyS bullet points and action items for use by other progressive campaigns. (Please forgive if I have overlooked one.) Sarah Carter has done amazing things and has a great action section in the blog portion of her dad's MyS profile, but it seemed a list with advance permission for use might be helpful.

Below the flip please find a compilation of items we have used in various spots. Feel free to copy and edit the html for your own progressive campaign. [I also have the code for adding a text box of code to reference images if you'd like but it doesn't post well in the diaries.] We are working on posting updates as they occur and soon will have a campaign 'store' for fresher/young voter T-shirts etc. Finally, we recommend using the comment feature when people add the candidate because it increases clickthroughs and encourages reciprocation (which creates its own momentum).

This is still a newer area of our outreach so I am sure there are things we have missed. Please feel free to share other ideas in the comments!

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Facebook and MySpace go Political

Here is a good article about the future of politics on these social forums. 347.htm

It goes on to say:

Daniel Gore and Jay Huerbin, both 18 and incoming University of Pittsburgh freshmen, have already joined or created such political groups.

Gore created a group supporting Santorum's Democratic opponent, Bob Casey Jr., on July 12. It has attracted members from New York University, Florida State University, Lehigh University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

"The aim is to generate... dialogue, to generate discussion. Too many people just ignore what's going on current-events- wise, and that's a problem, I think," said Gore, who is from Johnstown. "There's so many issues that... are debated in Congress, and I don't think our views about this should be ignored."

Huerbin, who lives in Gibsonia, a Pittsburgh suburb, joined a MySpace group about Swann to get more information about the Republican's candidacy while he decides whom to back for governor. Although Huerbin said MySpace and Facebook wouldn't be his only sources of information, they were definitely starting points.

"But if I come across something that I find interesting, I will Google it and look at it more in depth," Huerbin said.

A search of Facebook and MySpace sites shows at least four groups behind Gov. Rendell; nine for Swann; seven backing Santorum; and 14 promoting Casey. However, some of those sites simply advocate booting Rendell and Santorum from office.

In New Jersey, aides to U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and his Republican challenger, State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., said office interns approached them about creating sites for them and the ideas were quickly accepted.

Scott Shields, director of Internet operations for the Menendez campaign, said the senator's two children were Facebook users and wanted to start a site as well. After only a few days on the Web, more than 300 supporters had joined the group, he reported.

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No Tubes for MySpace

Bumped. This is what happens when large companies control networks. They tend to not allow things they don't like, including political speech that causes them problems. - Matt

Looks like Murdock's MySpace finds Sen. Steven's infamous "tubes" speech remix unacceptable.  Andrew Raff sang Steven's words and laid it over a folksy song and put it up on MySpace.  About 2,5000 people saw it before MySpace pulled the plug and deleted the page.  From

On Tuesday, MySpace canceled the TedStevensFanClub account, telling Raff that the social-networking site, now owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., had received a "credible complaint of your violation of the MySpace Terms of Services."

The e-mail referenced a number of prohibited activities, including trademark and copyright violations. MySpace also reserves the right to remove any profile for any reason.

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Jack Carter, MySpace, and "Word of Mouth" Marketing


As you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  Usually, I give you some updates or stories about what's going on with my Dad's campaign.  But today, I want to tell you a little bit about what I've been thinking about in terms of political marketing.  Also - I need your help!

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