The United State of MySpace

X - posted this this morning to Future Majority thought I'd post it here too.
If I were technophobic MySpace would be aboard a pale horse.  

By golly they've done it again.  Myspace is now hosting its own TownMeatings for the Presidential campaigns.  Across the country MySpace will hold these townhall meetings where users can submit questions via MSIM and you can watch live as the old school consultants scramble to figure out how it all works.  I smell another underwear question coming on.  And so help me if I hear thong from anyone (including Edwards) they'll lose my vote.  I mean - there are some things about Brownie that I just don't want to know.

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San Francisco Draft Al Gore Meeting May 20th!

This is Going to be a Hit and Run Diary, I apologize.

Just Wanting to invite SF Kossacks to the May Meeting

Here is the info from also on

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"Rudy in a Dress" Giuliani Parody MySpace Profile

Do you like gender-bending and flip-flopping?

If so, you'll love the new parody Rudy Giuliani MySpace profile:

Rudy in a Dress

(www dot MySpace dot com slash rudyinadress)

It has all the latest Rudy flip-flopping headlines and Rudy crossdressing YouTube videos.

Please check it out, link up as a friend, and forward the link to one and all!

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Joe Anthony's Account: Obama and MySpace

I'm going to quote the letter which Joe Anthony sent to Micah at TechPresident, I can think of no better way to get at the heart of the issue.  The letter in entirety can be found at: tion=blog.view&friendID=159248288&am p;blogID=259712152&Mytoken=37EF20AF- 7BF8-4BCA-ADAA95410F5676A081865610

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Deconstructing the MySpace Controversy

Instead of exploring the "he said/she said" aspect of this, I want to look into why people might feel the way they do about this much-talked-about scenario.

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