MySpace and MTV and McCain in Manchester - 7PM Eastern

McCain is the first (and may end up the only) Republican to appear on MTV/MySpace's interactive forum.- Todd

myspace-badgeDisclosure: MySpace is paying my travel
MANCHESTER-Following John Edwards and Barack Obama, tonight (7PM eastern) John McCain will be the first Republican candidate to participate in a MySpace/MTV interactive forum.

It should be an interesting night. On one had, New Hampshire's same day registration provision allows candidates on both sides of the aisle potential for a youth surge not showing up in the polls -- which could be a substantive boost in the expectations spin. For McCain specifically, he has been bleeding market share in the MySpace friends primary. I'll be looking to the interactive perspective as it fascinates me. What do you think I should be looking for during the event?

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Barack Obama on MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogue

You can watch live HERE. The top-ranked question at 10 Questions will be asked at the forum.

Consider this a MySpace/MTV presidential dialogue live thread. (Bumped -- Jonathan)

Update [2007-10-29 14:44:40 by Todd Beeton]: The top question at that Obama was asked was on the subject of net neutrality:

In his response, Obama expressed his unqualified support for net neutrality.

While the forum is over, keep watching, Obama is now speaking to a gathering of students outside of where the forum was held at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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SocNet Outreach Is Moving Voter's Opinions (but not like you think)

In the never-ending quest to justify the use of social networks as a campaign and organizing tool, a new poll by online market research firm GMI has some preliminary evidence suggesting that candidate profiles are moving voters opinions (if not yet votes).

Have you checked out any of the presidential candidate's MySpace, FaceBook or other social networking page?

Total Responses2116203459547497391

Are you more likely to vote for a candidate after you've looked at their MySpace page?


After visiting a candidate's page did you feel like you personally knew them better?


Analysis after the jump.

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Pushing Politics 2.0

If you haven't noticed, the political "election season" has creeped up on everybody a bit early this time around. Within the past several years, more people have turned off their TV's and have moved their learning about the various candidates online. The larger online user generated sites such as Myspace, Youtube, and simple blog platforms such as wordpress have enabled the large numbers of people in the world to have far reaching power that was just a few years ago, only available to the Mass media.

But the real question is will individual bloggers, fan generated video mashes, or even grassroots inspired Barack ObamaT-shirtswill sway voters enough that big media companies will be threatened, or even try their own undercover attempts at manipulating the elections to suit their own agenda. Previous attempts at commercializing and privatizing various aspects of world news along with the ease of use actually created the need and widespread use of the internet for political news.

I for one am slowly seeing the influx of ads on the videos I try to watch online, complete pages I have to skip past just to get to the news, and even signups and giving away of personal information just to read the daily news stories. If this is Big media's way of joining the rest of us with the spreading of knowledge here on the internet, they've got alot to learn, but until then, I'll be happy knowing how easy it is to spot a probably biased source of news... just look for the ads on the site.

In the meantime, try reading myspace blogs, watching Barack Obama's viral youtube videos, or even looking at the daily digg news, and you'll probably be fine.

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Obama Campaign Continues Smart Use of Social Networks

Cross-posted from Leftmost Bit.

The Obama campaign has launched distinct MySpace profiles for each of the early primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Right now, the focus seems to be on maintaining state-specific blogs and providing state-specific media content. The tactic of using MySpace to target primary states echoes what they did with their Facebook application, which asks those who "install" the application to reach out to their friends in those same early primary states.

Interestingly, they also claimed profiles for all50states, which is a lesson surely learned from the newsmaking MySpace debacle from April, concerning supporter Joe Anthony and his fan profile which lived at I thought the harsh criticism leveled at the Obama campaign from the political blogosphere (particularly TechPresident) was shrill and completely ignorant of how campaigns and field programs need to be run.

But the Obama campaign gets it, and they don't lose sight of the fact that they're a political campaign with a very clear goal. They're using the power of massive social networks to garner on-the-ground volunteer support (which in turn delivers votes) in the places where it actually matters (the early primary states). Many in the campaign are alumni of Dean for America, and so they know how important it is to effectively use online tools to produce offline action, and maybe more importantly, how to execute such programs. I don't know how effective this will be, but it's leaps and bounds ahead of any of the other campaigns.

Hat tip to Mashable.


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