Reign in the stupid!

This is an open letter to the administrators of this site.

What does this site stand for? What does any of the liberal blogs nowaday stand for? Why is it everytime I come here, I end up drawn into fights with trolls and nutballers...and I'm going to name names.

It's a shame that some of the frontpagers who write such good diaries see their hard work overshadowed by the enormous pile of stupid that very often ends up on the rec list.

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On the Ground in the NY-20

As Todd mentioned yesterday, MyDDer Adam Conner and myself are in Upstate NY this weekend volunteering for Scott Murphy, who is running to fill Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's seat in the NY-20 Congressional District, which starts in Dutchess County, a short drive north from New York City, stretches North well into the Adirondacks - bypassing Democratic Albany - and also stretches South and West towards the Catskill Mountains. It's gerrymandering at its finest.

All that cartological contortion extists to the keep the district Republican, but Kirsten Gillibrand's victory over John "the Sweenster" Sweeney has ushered in a new era in this former GOP stronghold, and now Democrat Scott Murphy is tied or ahead in the polls with the New York State Assembly Minority Leader, Republican James Tedisco.

Adam and I knocked a lot of doors in Saratoga yesterday and, although Adam had to fly back home this morning, I managed to walk two packets by myself today in beautiful Philmont, NY in the heart of Columbia County.

This is a very exciting race and I challenge the whole MyDD community to get involved. Here's why:

1. It's close. Margin of error close. I cannot leave you with a more important message than my conviction that this election is going to come down to a few hundred votes. Republicans owned this seat for a long, long time and they want it back. They will do whatever it takes to win. We can stop them.

2. Scott Murphy is a really good guy. He's also a progressive business leader who has made a career out of building innovative American businesses that create jobs and grow our economy. He gets what a successful American economy looks like and will be a valuable voice in Congress.

3. James Tedisco is best described with a word that rhymes with bassclown. He's the caricature of a hack Albany politician, with the least important job in the legislature. Assembly Majority Leader Shelly Silver rules with an iron fist inside an iron glove. He barely consults with other Democrats, let alone the minority party. A wax dummy of Tedisco could do his job just as effectively, and would have a more impressive legislative record.

Tedisco also claims to be a big labor guy, because his Dad was in a union. Of course he's opposed to EFCA (and Obama's budget, and healthcare reform, and puppies, etc) and doesn't have any union endorsements. Nice try, Jimmy.

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MyDD Blog Talk Radio -- On-Air Now

It has been a couple months, but MyDD Blog Talk Radio returns tonight as we talk about tonight's address by President Barack Obama to the Congress, as well as Bobby Jindal's anemic Republican response.

BlogTalkRadioThe call-in number for the show is (646) 652-2585. You can also send an email under the subject line "MyDD Blog Talk Radio" to jonathan-at-mydd-dot-com. If you prefer, you can also leave your question or comment in this thread.

We're going to have a great program tonight, so make sure to listen in and, if the mood strikes you right, give us a jingle. But if you miss it, you can download it later at the archives or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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Stop Making Post Titles Too Long to Re!

Okay, this is a silly complaint but I'm going to make it anyway. Perhaps people have noticed sometimes I respond to a post in a comment with the title of this post. It's pretty self explanatory. When I hit the submit button on my comment, I can't post it because the post title is beyond the character limit. So I put this as my standard reply to send a message to the original poster. I find the lack of being able to Re easily, a highly annoying and rude from the people who run the site. The least you can do is keep your titles manageable so we can respond to them without having to make up some other title when the best way to describe is actually Re+post title. It's a small thing and it won't keep me from commenting but I think it would make things more user friendly.

Although perhaps there is some sort of user setting where I can up the 50 character limit. If there is, then please point it out to me. Anyhow, I'm not really mad I just wanted to have something "down on paper" so to speak.

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MyDD, time to rework your blog posting app

Ok, I know I'm going to take heat here.  Its not like I'm one of the all-stars of MyDD or anything.  But I like this site, and who says that a certain citrus-colored blogging site should be the "it" place for us?  What drives me to write this is a fustration that I have when posting one of the Manufacturing series.

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