Four Years at MyDD

Today marks my fourth year as an editor here at MyDD. It has been a fun and educational four years for me. I have written about 3,000 posts (2,990 by my count since coming on as the weekend editor, then full-time editor at the site, plus close to another 1,000 tweets @jonathanhsinger). I don't have anything particularly profound to note on this blogiversary, but upon realizing that today was the day, I thought it worth putting up a post.

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Nonprofit Tech: Blogging for Immigration Reform in 2009

This past summer, The Opportunity Agenda conducted a scan to determine the state of immigration advocacy on the social web, looking specifically at the following: blogs that frequently cover politics and reach a mass audience, Twitter, YouTube, and the two largest social networking sites (Facebook and MySpace).  This research built on a similar scan we conducted in 2007.

Turning specifically to blogs, we found that while in 2007 major progressive-leaning blogs (including the DailyKos and others) were unsafe territory for immigration advocates.  Today, however, the climate is much more receptive.  Major progressive blogs discuss immigration, and the comments are usually constructive.  Meanwhile, the pro-immigration-specific blogosphere is thriving.  One such blog, Citizen Orange, counts well over 100 blogs actively advocating for practical immigration reform.

While the main point of our scan was to provide a snapshot of online immigration advocacy in the summer of 2009, our research did lead to a number of recommendations.

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Five Years

Seeing that Feministing is celebrating its fifth year anniversary, it reminded me that I, too, began blogging around that time. Five years ago to the day, in fact.

Though I have (only) been here at MyDD as a front pager for the past three and a half years, for a year and a half before that I built my own site from the ground up with some insightful and a lot of not terribly insightful commentary about politics. My biggest contribution there, and perhaps here too, have been all of the interviews I have conducted with people involved in political life. Back then, it was mostly former politicians -- Gary Hart, Birch Bayh, Walter Mondale and the like -- while more recently it has included more current figures like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, as well as candidates like Gavin Newsom. My conversation with John Kerry, in which he explained, much to the consternation of John McCain, that the Arizona Republican had approached him about running on the Democratic ticket in 2004, stands out as well.

In all, I have tried to say what I truly believe about politics and the world around us, and have strived advance the conversation, both at my blog of yore and MyDD, as well as now twittering @jonathanhsinger. Here's to hoping the next five years (and beyond) are as fun and enjoyable as the past five have been.

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Todd is gone and now enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Maine. With Todd's departure, moderation will likely suffer some since the rest of us have competing demands for our time.

There have been a number of diaries offering services or products. I have deleted two in the past three days. Please don't respond to them. I will delete the diaries and BAN the users as soon as I see them.

As per the diaries that are for lack of a better word inane, please don't encourage them. Stupidity isn't a crime but if the aim is to provoke, you may find the diary deleted without warning.

The guidelines are posted in the About MyDD page.


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GIYUS Support Killing Palestinians

Update II: UN accuses Israel of Gaza 'negligence or recklessness' Inquiry finds Israel responsible for deaths, injuries and damage to UN buildings

Update: A few facts have come to light from the insightful comments in a crosspost. There is no occupation, and no walls. Palestinians [who do not exist] are free to move around in the West Bank and Gaza as they wish in accordance with their pursuit of happiness, with Israel cheering them on. There is no Israeli militarism and no PR apparatus in support of Israeli militarism - which does not in any event exist. To deny these facts above is to subscribe to a "world Zionist conspiracy" theory and/or be nonconstructive and/or be drunk/on drugs/off drugs/high and/or hear voices/be insane and/or be a twit and/or be a whack job, and/or an anti-Semite and/or a "Jew hater" and/or a believer in the "decoder ring" [whatever that is; have to admit that last one does seem odd]. Please revise your worldview accordingly and know that when Israel bombs and shoots Palestinians it means well. But I'll say this, these pro-militarist-guys can always be counted on to demonstrate your point in the Comments section. :) See the comments section at:

Readers may have noticed Robert Naiman'sOn Israeli Settlement Freeze, Public Has Obama's Back at MyDD.

Naiman's piece is modest, asserting that the American public supports the settlement freeze.

In the face of decades of Israeli-American rejectionism and continuing terror in the occupied territories, readers may find the settlement freeze diverting from the nature of the savage enterprise of illegally occupying Gaza and the West Bank. [See B'TSELEM at virtually any given moment.]

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