Minor Caching Hiccup

I rolled out a new caching implementation for front page stories about pages 15 minutes ago that caused a bunch of errors for a good 60 seconds.  Anyway everything is fine, the cache just needed to be cleared out exactly at deploy time and for some reason that didn't happen.

You can now rec and flag posts from the front page if you are logged in.  (Before you had to go to the post permalink page in order to do these things because of the caching approach)

The latest MyDD

I just want to say I love the latest version of MyDD. It's clean, has nice lines and a very orderly feel about it. The front page diaries are current and relevant.

I had drifted away over the last year, but now it's back on my daily read list. Good job.

Become a Fan of MyDD on Facebook

Along with the redesign of MyDD, we're launching a Facebook fan page for the site to provide yet another way to be involved on the site. Sign up today!

MyDD 5

We are bringing in 2010, the new decade, with a new platform or MyDD. First things first, a lot of things need changed, but the switch flipped on and it's all here :)

This MyDD is the 5th. First, there was MyDD the dark ages, of the end of the 90's, when I first bought the domain (I actually wrote a paper on the site name for a linguistics class-- will have to see if thats around somewhere on a CD). Basically, MyDD HTML-sytle. I learned how to cut and paste and found script to make three columns, and post thoughts and push them onto the site. Things like FTP that brought me back to the mid-80s', when I gave up programming with BASIC and PASCAL.

Second, Gray Matter, at somepoint mid-2001 through mid-2002. TPM and PW also ran on GM back then, but the difference was that we opened up comments here on MyDD, and invented community blogging with things like open threads and guest blogging. Third, was Movable Type, which happened with Markos coming into blogging mid-2002, and his doing a site redo for me (including the graphic)-- which launched the idea in my head that we could do this for candidates... like Howard Dean. MyDD took a haitus a in early 2003, when I went to work on Dean's campaign, until early 2004, when it returned running on Scoop. For nearly 5 years! 

MyDD5 is built with Ruby on Rails. Its a blogging component of the new WSG Netroots platform. I put off launch a new platform earlier this year, because it was too crowded a platform to innovate off of, and the developers basically re-did the Netroots platform (Netroots2) over the past few months (and the next three months), of which this is a part.

As for features, one of the biggest changes is that we are integrating BreakingBlue.com with the site, and Facebook/Twitter/Google. BB now has a bookmarklet and sync's up its content with MyDD, and will be adding those other social networking sites too soon.Another big change is how Mojo works-- off of personal verification and then contribution of content to the site. I am in the process of re-doing the FAQ/Usage pages and getting user permissions updated, so will come back to these in another post.

UPDATE: We are experiencing technical difficulties. It appears to be a cache issue-- pretty expected that we'd run into scaling issues right away though. But what this means in the next couple of days, is that we don't get to the minor fixes until we figure out how to make the data bottlenecks go out of the way. I'm putting in the extended entry things we have tickets for already.


There's more...

MyDD 2010 Launch Thread

Let this be an open thread for issues relating to the launch of the new MyDD.com.  No software is perfect and some of you will run into issues with the new platform.  The best way to resolve all of this and get things right is to let us know in this thread or by direct contact.

The site is now running on a piece of software we created from the ground up called netroots2.  More on that and a more in-depth nerdy post on whats going on here in the new year...


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