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DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga was featured in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle today, discussing his and Jerome's new book Crashing the Gate and the state of political blogging.

The interview for me, summed up neatly what it is all about:

And eventually, he says, the online ranters have to get out of their jammies.

   "I don't want my readers to be readers. I want them to be activists," Moulitsas said. "I want them to come to Daily Kos, learn about what's happening in the country. And then when all of that is done, I want them to turn off the computer, walk outside and talk to real people."

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An Evening in Blue: A Photographic Diary

(cross-posted at Booman Tribune)

In the past couple of weeks, I've posted a couple of informationaldiaries regarding an upcoming fundraiser that the Penn College Democrats were planning to host. Titled 'An Evening in Blue', we set out to bring together candidates for various offices - mayor (Michael Nutter); state legislature (Paul Lang); and congressional candidates (Dennis Spivack, Lois Murphy, and Patrick Murphy) - to interact with Democrats on-campus. Furthermore, knowing that the netroots will be an important factor in upcoming elections, we also invited Chris Bowers (from MyDD) and Duncan Black (Atrios, from Eschaton) to address the group; furthermore, Booman also showed up, bringing together some of the most prominent liberal bloggers on the Internet.

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The Next MyDD Poll

Here are some questions I'd like answered.

Why do you care about corruption?

How much do you think the Iraq War is costing you personally, in dollars?

Do you know who controls Congress?


What do you want to ask the American people?  There's no timeline on this, I'm just curious what you're thinking.

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Liberal Bloggers Raise $20 Million

Once upon a time all politics was local, Lincoln was largely elected because his local network of cronies worked their magic at the Republican convention. But, then it turned horribly crooked.  Think Chicago and the precinct bosses.  Unfortunately, from that point, we moved into the era of the Military Industrial Complex, mega-corporations, and super-lobbyists handing out millions to law makers.  

As everything is cyclic, it was only a matter of time before we came back to a locally driven system.  But, there were two key moments that swung the system.  The first was campaign finance reform, which removed power from big corporations.  The second was the Liberal Fundraiser that finally pushed the netroots into a lead role in the Democratic Party.

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Relaunched MyDD & launching CTG

Here it is at last, now I can get on with my other 4 lives. The photo on the left rotates randomly daily. It just happened to be on Rosa Parks today, which is sorta a good tribute... ah, welcome Dalai. I've got about 15 photos in the loop right now, and will ad more later. The Breaking Blue is self explanatory. So is the E-Wire (we'll hopefully be bringing that down to all the GOV, Senate, House races too). Lots of other new stuff on the user end, and especially on the admin end. Anyway, hope you like it.

Oh, btw, there are 135 books left of the Progressive Partnership for Crashing the Gate. At least there were, just before Markos posted it on his blog.

You can pre-order here.

So its a big day today. MyDD is relaunching, and CTG is going out of my hands and into yours (today is also the last day for any minor edits). Thanks to everyone that's got a copy, I am really looking forward to coming back here next month and blogging about it with you. And let me know in the comments with anything regarding the relaunch.

[Update]: The problem on Mozilla appears fixed. Firefox 1.0 has some problems (really people upgrade to 1.5), but amazingly, IE works great, along with Safari.

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