Why I'm (still) mad at the Mormon church: a timeline

With apologies to Rick Jacobs:  my title's adapted from his totally worthy Why we're mad at the Mormon church.

I just finished reading this from the LDS "Newsroom" ...

Which reminded me that I'd previously written Maurine Proctor (editor of an influential Mormon mag) back in August about some of the stuff that Meridian (her mag) was putting out there in support of Prop 8 ... and that she'd replied with an article by Roger Severino, legal counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

The same Becket (of recent No Mob Veto fame) and Ballard (of Mormon Apostolic fame) who were BFF long before they recently started whining about our post-election actions.

Which led me to mutter to myself:  enough with the Kabuki, Ballard.

As if Stop The Mormons hadn't long since put together the definitive timeline re your shenanigans.

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The slaveholders are afraid of fascists. (That's rich!)

So Newt Gingrich, the spokesperson for pious corporate racists (aka GOP) spouts off on O'Reilly about how advocates of Gay Rights are 'radicals' intent on Facism.

Gingrich: "[T]here is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us"

Thanks to Media Matters

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Bill Marriott: "Neither I, nor the company, contributed to the campaign to pass Prop 8."

Because Disrespect and Exclusion on the Basis of Sexual Orientation is Wrong

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Why do some religions hate Gay Marriage?

Religions claim to be the authority for how we live our lives.  They claim this authority from God.  Most religious organizations depend on donations from their faithful believers in order to stay in business.  There are all sorts of religions, claiming to speak for / to God.  Their business model consists of being paid to tell people what to do in life.  Their revenue stream is tied directly to their credibility as a source of right-living advice.  If people allowed to make up their own minds about their sexuality, then they are likely make up their own minds about a whole lot of things.  This is what scares gay-bashing religions most of all.

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My Favorite Mormons: Steve and Barbara Young

"We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination,
therefore, our family will vote against Prop 8."
-- Barbara Young

Loved the gravestones, Barb.

RIP inequality, Nov. 4

May discrimination
be a thing of the past,
May hate and fear
be gone at last
RIP prop 8!

Those who forget
the past
are condemned
to repeat it.
No to 8!!!

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