VIDEO: Faithful Mormon testifies against Prop 8 in church

A courageous Mormon begins testifying earnestly (and exceedingly calmly) against Prop 8 in church ... and the LDS bishop turns off the microphone!

If only more of the faithful could be so brave ...

The video speaks for itself:

More Mormons (and more LDS Fast and Testimony meetings) like this one, please.

Bravo, sir!

Any chance a Maine Catholic or two might find the gumption to take a similar stand in the coming weeks?

It's time to stand up and face down these swiftboating political false prophets.

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Ron Prentice: When Pedophiles Attack

"So, for example, if a pedophile were to attack - I say 'attack' - approach a child in a church or in an employment situation or public school situation and you or I were to pull that pedophile off the child and say something to that pedophile about his poor behavior, that pedophile could actually file suit against you for having committed a hate crime against them for what you verbalized."

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Knock, Knock, Anybody NOM? Anybody Mormon?

According to the latest from NOM's Maggie Gallagher:  " ... there is no connection between NOM and the [LDS] church except that a Mormon serves on NOM's board."

In that same article, Kim Farah, spokeswoman for the LDS church in Salt Lake City, insists that the church "did not establish the National Organization for Marriage ... [but fails to] respond to a question about whether the Mormon church has been active in the campaigns to defeat gay marriage in New England and New York."

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10,000+ Ask for LDS (Mormon) Apology re Prop 8?

I can't confirm.  Just passing it along:

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Idaho Local TV Report Asks: What Is A Family?

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