Protecting Our Asses: Rewarding Good Behavior from Congresspeople

I've already written in one comment that I'm very disenchanted right now.  Somehow, we're still in Iraq, don't have universal healthcare, don't have stem cell funding.  We're seeing pushes for offshore drilling.  And this week, our party assumed the position when it comes to FISA.

What was even more infuriating is to see candidates that many candidates heavily supported the grassroots and the Netroots (both in the more limited sense that includes the page DailyKos, Swing State Project, etc collaborate on. and the broader sense to include all of the liberal websites such as Democracy for America and MoveON).  It's both heartbreaking and infuriating to see people like Patrick Murphy, Kirsten Gillibrand, Nancy Boyda, Jim Webb, and Jerry McNerney, people we thought would be the vanguard of the coming progressive era, vote they way they do, with the likes of Murphy and Gillibrand joining the Blue Dogs!

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Mr. Vegas: Johnny "Married to the Mob" McCain

John's OLD BOSS & DADDY-IN-LAW, James Hensley, was BAD BOY with crimes of illicit booze, gambling, and probably  murder. With Johnny boys love of craps, play in fourteen-hour stints, how DEEP could he be in with this family? Wes Gullett, a close friend who worked for McCain for years, said they used to play craps in Las Vegas standing at the tables from 10 a.m. until midnight.

It starts in 1948 with the Hensley brothers, Eugene and Jim, being convicted of falsifying records to conceal the illegal distribution of hundreds of cases of liquor. The sales occurred from 1945 to 1947, postwar years when liquor was rationed and in short supply.

James Hensley was convicted by a federal jury in U.S. District Court of Arizona in March 1948 on seven counts of filing false liquor records. Hensley also was charged with conspiracy to hide from federal authorities the names of persons involved in a liquor industry racket with two companies he managed, United Sales Company in Phoenix and United Distributors in Tucson.The umbrella company, United Liquor, at that time held a monopoly in Arizona, organized and managed by Kemper Marley, who was accused of mob ties by a reporter who was murdered in 1977.

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White Priviledge

That diary up there on the rec list has my collar steamed. So, before i go putting the crimp in it, I'm going to ask you to read this: on=show_item&itemid=116

Thank you for your time and patience.

You see, when we start to talk white privilege, most people think about being stalked by security in a grocery store. I'm told that happens (and when you, as plainclothes security, are getting calls about a "suspicious individual" that just happens to be YOURSELF, I can acknowledge that yeah, it is happening).

But this world runs on currency, on money and the accumulation of money. And this is where Black people suffer. And will continue to suffer, for crimes long long past.

75% of whites can trace their wealth back to racist policies, be they FHA loans or the Homestead Act (you didn't know that was racist, now didja?)

I don't have time to write a full well researched diary right now, though I'll try and add onto this as the day goes on.

I'm calling for some action, I'm calling for this to get up on the Recommended list, because... America ought to recognize where she is, before she can go anywhere.

Those MILLIONS of blacks mentioned in the rec list are one Layoff away from being one of those POOR blacks. If you're white, you might not get that. But if you have a house, and you're laid off, you can get a second mortgage to pay the rent for a while. You got money, there, that you can depend on.  If you're renting, if the biggest wealth you can lay claim to is a car, which you happen to need to find more work, you don't got that cushion.

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Like it or not - Logic From the Wall Street Journal

If Hillary is going to find a path to victory, which no person has been able to find, she is going to have to address the salient concerns of people who are not voting for her and other high placed backers.  Singing to the choir, having the same three diarists on the rec. page, over and over, really has not moved your ball.  And only the person not already in the end zone needs to move the ball.  

Hence, one should take note of The Wall Street Journal's Deputy Editor, Daniel Henninger, who points out why he thinks Obama is going to win and, most importantly, why Hillary isn't.  

Instead of jumping up and down and echoing that which has yet failed her, a new day better get dawning with HRC and her supporters.  Mere traction at this point in the game is useless.

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Hillary's fundraising claims

The Clinton campaign has gotten a good run of press lately for their claim of raising $10,000,000 since the end of the PA primary. To be honest, considering the campaign's previous obfuscation regarding their fundraising - I think something smells a bit fishy.

On Politico, Ben Smith mentioned someone else with raised eyebrows: 24473/show_us_some_real_money_hillary

As I suspected, the "Hillary raised $10 million online overnight" report that the Washington Post ran with earlier today was too good to be true. I don't know if the mistake is the reporter's or if someone at Camp Hillary was spinning a bit too fast, but there's no way they raised that much since her win in Pennsylvania yesterday.

An email from Terry McAuliffe, Clinton campaign chairman, that I received three hours ago, says "More than 50,000 people have contributed to the campaign for the very first time in the last 24 hours alone." If 80% of Clinton's donations are from new givers, that implies a total number of about 60,000 donations. If we're very generous and assume an average donation of $100, which is high for first-time donors, that gives Clinton a current take of at most $6 million.

Reading the Post's report from its Trail blog, which was by Matthew Mosk, it looks like the over-spin came from Hassan Nemazee, a finance co-chair for Clinton and longtime Democratic fatcat. A Google search shows Nemazee fed the same line to Business Week, which cited him for the news that Clinton supposedly took in $10 million by 2pm this afternoon.

I'm willing to bet that in the next few days the record will be corrected and we'll find out that in fact the campaign did not actually raise $10,000,000 - but as the writer above notes, it's all about perception. If the Clinton campaign can make the press and people believe that there is this huge groundswell of new support, then the spin was worth it.  

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