The Netroots Should Not Be Fairly Compensated

Jerome, Matt and several others blog already covered this, but the still unfolding story of Obama's MySpace page angers me quite a bit. For those that have forgotten, here is a quick reminder of how money is spent in electoral politics:

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Where did all those Contributions come from?

I came across an interesting map from the NYT a couple days ago which I posted a link to in an open thread.  It shows where the contributions for the presidential candidates came from.  I kept playing around with it, and decided to post a few things.  Then I found a chart from USA Today that filled in a few more details.  Unfortunately, not everything matched up, but I tried my best to make it work.  So, who got the most money from PACs?  Who got the most maxed contributions?  Who got the most money in each state?  Well if you want bragging rights, or are just curious, here you go.

PACs: 1st John McCain- $304,698; 2nd Chris Dodd- $295,500
Party: 1st Jim Gilmore- $250; 2nd John Edwards- $200
Self: 1st Sam Brownback- $25
Under $200: 1st Barack Obama- $5,384,178; 2nd John McCain- $2,204,080
$2,300: 1st Hillary Clinton- $19,173,040; 2nd Barack Obama- $12,628,038

(For states, see below)

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Barack Obama , Hillary Clinton and John Edwards

Just The Facts.  


Total: $26 million (plus $10 million transferred from her Senate campaign). Clinton has not released how much of that amount was raised for the primary campaign and how much will go toward the general election.

Raised on Internet: $4.2 million

Total donors: 50,000


Total: $25 million (includes $1.5 million for the general election)

Raised on Internet: $6.9 million

Total donors: 100,000


Total: $14 million (includes $1 million in general election funds)

Raised on Internet:

$3.3 million

Total donors: 40,000


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90% of donations were $100 or less for Obama

At a Mason City rally Barack Obama added another good number to his Q1 fundraising totals. A article in the Des Moines Register reported "He noted that 90 percent of the people who donated money to his campaign gave $100 or less."

Hillary and Edwards reported 80 percent. Now we don't know how much  money those 90% donated in total but that is a good sign for him if he's gunning top the Q2 fundraising field. Joe Trippi also noted this. All in 50 days too. Wow.

Disclaimer: I am a Obama supporter and MyDD newbie. Sorry if this post is short and boring. I'll improve.

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Revenue streams for liberal entrepreneurs

(Cross posted to my blog, PlantingLiberally)

Last week I discussed the concept of liberal entrepreneurship.  Ripping off of the Wikipedia definition for social entrepreneurship, I define liberal entrepreneurship as the application of business and entrepreneurial principles towards solving problems which affect the progressive movement.  I described the kinds of problems which affect the movement at some length, including both problems which shape the ideological landscape in which our movement operates, and internal mechanistic and external structural problems for the movement.  The goal in that post was to give liberal entrepreneurs an idea of the kinds of problems which they can tackle, and to point out that liberal entrepreneurship has a very serious set of issues to address.

Today I will focus on revenue streams available to liberal entrepreneurs.  In a sense, this is the second half of the liberal entrepreneur's (very rough) business plan.  On the one hand entrepreneurs have problems to address; on the other they have sources of money and demand to draw funding for their solutions.  I'll illustrate examples of how to exploit those revenue streams, and point out the advantages and disadvantages to each kind of stream (as I understand it.)

The major missing component is ideas for solving these problems, and I will address those ideas in a variety of ways.  (There are, in fact, plenty of other missing components, like competitor research, investigating available demand, legal research, etc.)  One, I will write a follow-up post about the kinds of infrastructure that we as a movement can develop to support new entrepreneurial ideas to solve these problems and make money.  Two, over the next several weeks and months, I will post a variety of different ideas which address both problems in the ideological landscape, and structural problems within the movement.  Some of these ideas will be part of their own mini-series; for example, one mini-series I've already begun is New Blog Friday, whereby I post ideas for new kinds of niches which enterprising bloggers can occupy, in order to affect powerful change within those niches.

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