MO Senate - "no" Talent switches on stem cells

On February 6th Missouri's invisible republican senator, Jim "no" Talent, was against stem cell research before he was for it.

...Sen. Jim Talent, who faces a strong challenge in November from Democratic state auditor Claire McCaskill, has declined to take a stand on the measure. But he has co-sponsored a Senate bill to ban embryonic stem cell research and impose a million-dollar fine and 10-year jail sentence on violators.

"If Talent comes out in favor of stem cell research, he loses support from the evangelicals," said Max Skidmore, professor of political science at University of Missouri-Kansas City. "If he opposes it, he'll lose support from the business community that otherwise might support him...."

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Post-racial America? Jo Co, Mo Dems receive racist bumper stickers in the mail.

The chair of the Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Central Committee went to the Warrensburg post office to check the committee's post office box for mail today.

In the mail was a a plain envelope with the address of the committee and no return address. There was a 37 cent Ronald Reagan stamp and a 10 cent stamp for postage.

Contained in the envelope were two bumper stickers:

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