Voter ID still a Looming Threat for 2009

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Weekly Voting Rights News Update

by Erin Ferns

After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld one of the country's strictest voter ID laws in April, several states rushed to pass similar bills before the year's end. By December, more than 25 states introduced legislation to require voter ID at the polls. Though none of these bills were successful this year, lawmakers in several states are hoping to revive such restrictive requirements in 2009.

Since July of this year, at least seven states have pre-filed or carried over voter ID legislation for the 2009-2010 sessions, including Nevada, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

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Lawmakers Target Individual Voters, While Failing to Address Systemic Problems

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Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

Recent analyses of the 2008 general election find that overall participation increased on November 4, with a significant surge in voter participation among historically underrepresented Americans. Yet, while some lawmakers have been inspired by the recent voter turnout to propose election reforms that expand access to voting rights, others continue to focus on creating additional barriers to voting.

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Progressive Democrat Newletter Issue 189

Well, we won. Big time.

Obama even won Virginia (which didn't surprise me at all), North Carolina (which I am not TOO surprised at) and Indiana (which DID surprise me). Obama even won one of Nebraska's electoral votes (which get split). Missouri seems to have barely gone McCain. I was convinced Florida would be stolen again, but the Republican Governor of Florida, though a typical Republican otherwise, seems dedicated to fair elections. And Obama wound up getting almost 53% of the vote.

If you are like me and you grew up hearing the refrain, "America isn't ready for a black President," you now will never hear that again. America isn't just ready for one, it OVERWHELMINGLY is ready.

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Road to 60 Blocked: Wicker Wins Mississippi

It's a very good night for Senate Democrats, picking up several seats tonight, though 60 is not in the works as Roger Wicker has defeated Ronnie Musgrove in Mississippi. Still a chance to get to the high-50s, however.

Update [2008-11-4 22:8:5 by Jonathan Singer]: For at least the second time tonight, Fox News -- which, by the way, looks like a wake -- has had to pull back a call. The Mississippi Senate race has been uncalled. Nice work.

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Progressive Democrat Newletter Issue 188

This is it folks. Last few days of what I consider the third most important election of my lifetime. I put 2000 first because in many ways (terrorism and global warming in particular) the Supreme Court's seating Bush as President instead of Gore was a pivotal moment in world history...and a disastrous one for all of us. I'd say 2004 was second because then we had a shot at minimizing the damage from a Bush presidency. Now we need someone who can fix the mess and a strong majority of Americans believe Barack Obama is the person to do it.

Things look good. But take no chances. Once again I am posting the actions I have been asking people to do. I know lots of you have put time and money into this year's races. Just a few more days. Here, once again, is what you can do right now from your own home to boost our chances of winning.

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