2007/08 Governor's Races

Nobody has looked at the impending governor's races for the next two years yet, so here goes.  Three state houses are up for election in 2007 with 11 more to come in 2008 (including Vermont and New Hampshire, the two states that still elect their governors to two-year terms.)

A quick rundown of the seats:

Solid R: Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah
Likely R: None
Lean R: Vermont
Tossup: Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington
Lean D: Kentucky, Delaware
Likely D: Montana
Solid D: New Hampshire, West Virginia

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MS 3 Pickering vs. Indep Jim Giles

A number of people have commented on the lack of a democratic candidate in Miss. 3rd to challenge Pickering.  It turns out there is an independent candidate, Jim Giles.  I googled him to find out if he was supportable.  I doubt ANYONE who reads this site (even many repubs who just look in to see what the other side says) would back him.  He is a Pro-White, anti-everybody else racist.  I'd have to back Pickering. :-(

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Well, maybe 433 instead of 434

It turns out that we got a lot of candidates in the 1st, and not one candidate in the 3rd.

Well, that's progress (sort of) over 2004, where neither Wicker or Pickering was opposed.

So, here's the lineup of Democrats running in the 1st district:

Mississippi's other Republican congressman, U.S. Rep. Roger Wicker, doesn't have an opponent in the GOP primary. His Democratic challengers are Joe Forsythe, a retired industrial mechanic from Horn Lake; Columbus attorney William Bambach; Ken Hurt, a political consultant from Verona; and Oxford businessman Ron Shapiro.

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Abortion Ban in MS: No Exceptions for Rape or Incest

Anti-women, anti-life lawmakers in Mississippi are upset that they will no longer go down in history as the first state in the country to force women who are raped by their fathers to have the baby. A Mississippi House Committee has voted to ban all abortions, with an exception to save the life of the woman. If this bill passes, it will kill many more women than it will "save." There are no exceptions for rape or incest:

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