Rudy's Pushing OxyContin? Today's Guaranteed Healthcare Update

Today we learn that Rudy's hooked on OxyContin money...Krugman finishes off the myth about waiting times in nations with guaranteed healthcare...and TX nurses are on the rise!

All this and more in today's Guaranteed Healthcare Update, cross-posted at the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association's Breakroom Blog, as we organize to make 2007 the Year of GUARANTEED healthcare on the single-payer model.

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2008 Election Weekend Calendar Preview (July 13-15, 2007)

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Candidates are back out on the trail this weekend, with a renewed focus on Nevada on the Democratic side, where Clinton really is dominating in polls so far. Most of the Democratic candidates, additionally, are addressing trial lawyers the American Association of Justice this Sunday in Chicago.

Barack Obama

  • Obama has a house party in Las Vegas today, campaigns in Iowa tomorrow, and gives a speech on violence Sunday morning in Chicago.

Bill Richardson

  • Richardson is in Nevada this afternoon, and Utah tonight for that state's Jefferson-Jackson dinner, before giving another speech late tonight in LA. He fundraises Saturday in New Mexico before going to Chicago on Sunday.

Chris Dodd

  • Dodd campaigns in Nevada today, and address the state Democratic convention in Utah tomorrow, before heading to New Hampshire for two days of campaigning there.

Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton is in New Hampshire campaigning with her husband today, whoever he is. She cancelled campaign events tomorrow in New Hampshire to attend funeral services for Lady Bird Johnson before travelling to Chicago on Sunday.

Joe Biden

  • Biden is in Iowa today and tomorrow campaigning before heading to Chicago on Sunday.

John Edwards

  • Edwards campaigns aggressively in Iowa the next two days (and by that, I mean holds a lot of community meetings - he and Romney's pace while campaigning in Iowa is fascinating compared to anyone else in the field). He travels to Chicago on Sunday before starting his poverty tour in New Orleans on Sunday night.

John McCain

  • McCain returns to the campaign trail, giving a speech on Iraq today in New Hampshire before holding a town hall meeting tomorrow morning, also in New Hampshire.

Mike Huckabee

  • Huckabee campaigns all weekend in Iowa in anticipation of the straw poll now less than a month away.

Ron Paul

  • Paul is in northern California this weekend, addressing Google employees today and holding a rally tomorrow.

Sam Brownback

  • Brownback addresses young Republicans today in Virginia before campaigning in Iowa the rest of the weekend. His campaign is also sponsoring a tour by the brother of Terri Schiavo and a former Sudanese slave this weekend in Iowa.

Tom Tancredo

  • Tancredo also is campaigning this weekend in Iowa.

Tommy Thompson

  • Tommy Thompson finishes off the first leg of his bus tour in Iowa, where he has been all week long.

Visit our up-to-date campaign calendar section for complete schedules.

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2008 Election Weekend Calendar Preview (07/07-07/08/2007)

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After the hectic fundraising push at the end of June, this is definitely a far calmer weekend for campaigning.

Bill Richardson...

  • Richardson fundraises tonight in South Carolina and campaigns in South Carolina, with events TBA. He gives a speech in New Hampshire this morning.
  • Chris Dodd...

  • Dodd wraps up his week long tour of Iowa this morning.
  • Dennis Kucinich...

  • Kucinich keynotes the annual meeting of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists Saturday night in Washington, DC.
  • Hillary Clinton...

  • Clinton addresses the United Steelworkers of America today in Cleveland.
  • Joe Biden...

  • Biden is in New Hampshire today for campaigning and house parties.
  • John Edwards...

  • Edwards is vacationing in New Hampshire.
  • Duncan Hunter...

  • Hunter addresses the Young Republicans Meeting in Florida tomorrow.
  • ...

    Mike Huckabee...

  • Huckabee campaigns all weekend in in New Hampshire, featuring multiple appearances with his band Capitol Offense.
  • Mitt Romney

  • Romney addresses the Young Republicans Meeting in Florida Sunday night.
  • Ron Paul...

  • Paul is in Las Vegas this weekend campaigning, while his son is in New Hampshire.
  • Rudy Guiliani...

  • Giuliani campaigns the most, with appearances today in South Carolina and Georgia, and appearances tomorrow in Florida; Giuliani also is attending the Pepsi 400 in Daytona this weekend.
  • Tommy Thompson...

  • Tommy Thompson kicks off his bus tour of Iowa tonight in Ames and campaigns in Iowa all weekend long.
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    Every Republican Candidate has an Achilles' Heel, Top 5

    Cross posted from: RFK Action Front

    Truth is, it's a pretty lean year for Republican Presidential candidates.  There doesn't seem to be a genuine leader in the bunch.  And I think we need to remind people of that every single time we mention the candidates' names (to the extent that we speak of them at all).  So here are some keywords for describing the candidates, (along with explanations in the parenthesis), and the reason why this man should not be President.

    Mayor and tobacco lobbyist Rudolph Giuliani
    (he's never held a statewide or national office)
    Chose to put the Emergency Commander Center inside the World Trade Center.

    soon to be 72 year old John McCain
    (he'd be the oldest President in U.S. history)
    He's not the man he once was.

    Former Massachusetts Governor Willard "Varmint Hunter" Romney
    (The ultimate flip flopper.)
    Have you read Under the Banner of Heaven?  I'm all for freedom of conscience but any religion with secret underwear is wacky.

    Thespian and asbestos lobbyist Fred Thompson
    (I hope all those "shut up and sing" Republicans will remind Thompson that they want thespians to know their place and stop talking politics.)
    18 year Washington lobbyist running as an "outsider."

    Soft on Crime Governor Mike Huckabee
    (Pardoned rapist Wayne Dumond who later raped and killed another woman.)  
    Can you say Willie Horton?

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    Liveblogging: I'm stuck in Manchester, NH tonight - oh the irony

    I'm a college student in Hanover, NH. I wanted to attend the Democratic debate two nights ago and help with campaign visibility outside, but finals prevented me from coming. Tonight, flight trouble has turned me into a "distressed passenger," and I am holed up at the Manchester Super 8. Couldn't come for the Dems, forced to stay for the GOP. Oh the irony.

    It's almost enough to make me wish I hadn't deleted the "Come and protest!" NH Young Dems e-mail so quickly, but given the on-again off-again thunder and rain, it's only an "almost."

    BTW, there's no lightning right now, despite what Wolf just said during Rudy's interruptions. Hasn't been any for about 20 minutes. Couple of sirens, though.

    Live thoughts on the debate below.

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