John McCain's Whopper on Meet the Press: Bush United Us

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Senator John McCain for reasons beyond understanding still gets the red-carpet treatment from the media covering the campaign.

On Meet the Press, after distancing himself from Bush on the salient issues pertaining to Katrina, Iraq and corruption, McCain said this:

"(Bush) led this nation after 9/11 and united us."

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Our Nation's "Lonely Eyes" Seek A Savior

What's behind the astonishing successes of Mike Huckabee's and Barack Obama's campaigns last night in Iowa? BBC correspondent Katty Kay knows. People are "fed up," she said tonight on BBCAmerica's exceptional hour-long news program, BBC World News America. Ms. Kay continued:

It's the wonderful age-old mantra of "I can fix it for you by being an outsider. I am on your side."

We are "fed up" alright. We, the people of this nation, are so desperate to get past the Bush administration that we've been obsessing since last year about the race for a president who won't take office until late January 2009. In the last of his series of columns for The Guardian -- which The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg says is "an unparalleled running history of the ideological and moral squalor of the George W. Bush Administration" -- Sidney Blumenthal summed up how far America has fallen:

Every aspect of George Bush's foreign policy has now collapsed. Every dream of neoconservatism has become a nightmare. Every doctrine has turned to dust. The influence of the United States has reached a nadir, its lowest point since before the second world war, when the country was encased in isolationism. [...]

The quest for absolute power has not forged an "empire" but provoked ever-widening chaos. ... Squandering the immense influence of the US in such a short period has required monumental effort. [...]

But this is not rock-bottom. There is further to fall.

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Woo-Hoo!! Obama Victory Sends Message of Change

I got 5 hours of sleep, but managed to write this last night for Beyond Chron.

Barack Obama's victory in the Iowa caucus last night sent a powerful message of change - as a record turnout (especially among young voters) picked him the winner with 38% of the total vote.  John Edwards, who likewise ran a populist campaign that emphasized change, came in second place with 30%.  When asked what was the most important factor in a candidate, voters picked "change" over "experience" by a 51-20 margin - giving Hillary Clinton's establishment campaign a humiliating 3rd place finish at 29%.  Obama defied expectations by even beating Clinton among women and registered Democrats, which questions her viability as a candidate.  But while Obama's insurgent campaign has crystallized the message of change, the dirty little secret in presidential primaries is that the establishment always wins.  As the fight moves to New Hampshire and other states, Obama's campaign will have to defy historical precedent to dethrone the Clinton dynasty.  I believe he can prevail, but it will be a different story for Mike Huckabee - who won last night's Republican caucus.

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Religious Right: Jesus has abandoned us!

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Bible-Thumping Evangenlicals...

They got George Bush elected two times, they can get Mike Huckabee elected.  That is why Huckabee must be stopped.  He would be a disaster for the country and the world.

from Joseph Palermo...

"Which brings me to Mike Huckabee. Iowa shows that the right-wing Christian nationalist evangelicals are still a force to be reckoned with. They are motivated, powerful, committed to their cause, and vote on a very narrow single-issue basis. Huckabee's victory shows that the evangelical base is going to show up at the polls in huge numbers not only in the primaries but also in the general election."

"Mike Huckabee did not even know that Afghanistan is on the western border of Pakistan, not the eastern border, and he hadn't even heard about the recent NIE on Iran. Instead of reading books on geography and international relations, Huckabee has been absorbed in Bible-thumping. Public piety is the only criteria for millions of Republican voters who possess as little knowledge of foreign affairs as does Hucka-Bucka. Huckabee is as unqualified to be president as George W. Bush."

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