The Netroots' Greatest Challenge

It's a big one this time, a really big one.  It isn't about electing the right person to office, no matter how high the office. It isn't about changing Congress, no matter how poorly it functions.  It's not even about ending the war in Iraq, which now grinds on toward its inevitable bloody end game, sooner than it might otherwise have ended without us.  This challenge it's about stopping a war from ever starting; the war with Iran that without our coordinated and concerted efforts may well begin within months.  

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The Quartet Fiddles While Palestine Starves

"Slowly, painstakingly, but inexorably, Hamas is moving away from its traditional notion that Palestine is an Islamic waqf [land-in-trust] `from the river to the sea...Hamas is signaling that it accepts Israel as a political reality today and is intimating that it would accept a final agreement with Israel `according to the parameters of the [1991] Madrid conference and U.N. resolutions,' says Palestinian analyst Khaled Hroub, an authority on the Islamist party."

- Graham Usher, veteran Palestine correspondent for The Economist (Middle East Report Online, 21/8/05)

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Send Bush 41 and Clinton To The Middle East

If you agree with this solution to the Middle East problem, send a message to  If your letter is good enough to be published, it will be read by your senators and congressman!  Sit down and do it now!

Adapted by the author from an essay published in The Hill today, February 13, 2007

The Game Changer: Send Bush 41 and Clinton To The Middle East.

By Brent Budowsky

President Reagan did not lift his presidency by escalating war but by escalating diplomacy with Gorbachev and achieving monumental breakthroughs.

We can break through the pessimism and win national and global acclaim by sending Bush 41 and Bill Clinton on game changing diplomacy for Iraq and the Middle East. We can reach major agreements at home to meet urgent military needs and never again allow one soldier to be killed because we did not give them the equipment.


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The Stage Is Being Set For A U.S.-backed Coup In Gaza

I'm surprised that this still needs saying, but, evidently, it does. The current civil conflict in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is not an internal Palestinian matter. Any attempt to analyse the fighting between Fatah and Hamas militants without discussing the critical role played by Israel and sections of the international community in engineering the crisis is nothing less than a misrepresentation of the entire situation.

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Outrageous!: A BBC Journalist Almost Criticises Israel. Burn The Witch!

Jeremy Bowen, the BBCs Middle East Editor (a position he's held since it was created in 2005) is in trouble with some for a recent internal memo he sent to colleagues regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict.

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