A Palestinian Do-Over

    Well, you know what they say if you don't get it right the first time try, try again. It appears that this is the philosophy of the Fatah sect of the Palestinian government, the Bush administration, and the Israelis. Unhappy with the results of last year's Palestinian election, which saw the Hamas faction winning big, it has been decided that those results should be dispensed with and new elections should be held. Now why didn't we think of that in 2000 and 2004? If you don't like the results of an election, just call a do-over. Unlike our case we are not talking about an election with contested results, this was an election that was considered fair by all parties.

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History and Hezbollah: A Podcast Interview With Augustus Richard Norton

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Trying to make sense of tribal politics in the Middle East can't be done with simple bumper sticker slogans. The history, entangling relationships, religious dimension, shifting alliances, geography and multiple cultures are a Byzantine maze of complexity. Specifically, the Muslim world is often regarded by people in the west, especially Americans, as a large bowl of alphabet soup. As a result, policy makers who look for quick and easy fixes by force in the region overreach and miscalculate.

One tragic example of miscalculation and overreach is Lebanon. Once regarded as the "jewel" of the Middle East, Lebanon endured a brutal civil from 1975 to 1990. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Syria and Israel, this small country the size of Connecticut has flummoxed leaders in Jerusalem and Washington for two decades.

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The May 15th Prophecy

To those of you who happen to stumble across this Blog I am sharing with you things to look for in these last days if the time suggested by the bible,the Stars in The Heavens and the Great Pyramid of Giza are correct then we are indeed living in the last days before Jesus come to set up his kingdom.

Those of you who are wise enough to know that the beast or commonly referred to as the anti-Christ is about to come on the world stage with his rising up coming from Iraq and that this same beast is now in the the bottomless pit put will be release in these last days and that he was here once before when that same beast possess Alexander The Great .

The Bible the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Stars all foretell that in Iraq will come a men of Peace who the shite Muslims will believe to be the Hidden Imam,he will uproot 3 of these nation states Iraq, Syria,Lebanon,Jordan,Iran and southern Turkey, he will be a godsend to the rest of the world because he will have a solution for the problems in Iraq by solving the Shia - Sunni divide and also having the answer to the Palestinian Question which The Israeli will embrace and the European countries will willing give him their power to blunt any remaining super power status of the United State who will lose power because of failed leadership at home and abroad (Israel).

Which will lead to the signing of the final status of the Oslo accords, which will start the time clock for the final 7 years which the bible calls "the great tribulation" , at which end Jesus returns and set up his kingdom for 1000 years.

Now there is a whole lot to show and tell regarding this beast and how he comes to powers and how United States lose power, how you can tell it is the same demonic force that possessed Alexander the Great (none other then the Son Of Satan). but I need to know at least someone have questions for me or idea they would like to share just go to my web page for more info on the May 15th Prophecy at lastdaywatchers.blogspot.com

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A Friend Indeed?

    The prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, said: "I call on my friend Abu Mazen," referring to Mr. Abbas, who was in Ramallah, to take the opportunity, now that almost the entire world understands the viciousness, the brutality of Hamas, to exercise his authority as the leader of the Palestinian people."

    Israel will do what it can, he said in an interview with The New York Times in Tel Aviv, to "be helpful and supportive of the Palestinian people in every possible way, including economic cooperation and security cooperation."

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America's Fox News Arab Style

    It appears that freedom American style is not real freedom. To help combat the supposed distorted news that the Arab language media is broadcasting, we have created our own media company directed at the Arab viewers. Al Hurra, is suppose to be our counter to the "terrorist views and anti-American sentiment being broadcast by Al Jazeera and other Middle Eastern press.

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