Why there are DINO's -- Exiting our comfort zone.

In talking to people online, I have heard two conflicting message. The one, prevalent of most people here, is that the Democratic Party has not shown enough spine and that we need to return to the days of 1860 and draw a clear distinction between ourselves and the Republican Party. But the problem comes when I try to help lay out a Progressive agenda including my endorsement of Russ Feingold for President and Chuck Pennacchio for Senate. All of a sudden, when it comes time to actually do the hard work of challenging our favorite DINOs in the primary, people freak out and tell me why it is so impossible to elect Feingold because (insert difficulty here).

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The Brinkmanship of Energy Geopolitics

...The United States can print dollars to buy up oil in the international exchange, rocketing prices above the stratosphere. These can be gifted to strategic partners and allies in a barter deal to compensate for a possible shutdown in Chinese imports. Everything China manufactures can be sourced elsewhere. If the US is profiting massively from this situation, would there be an immense, domestic financial turmoil? That's a tricky question for economists. There has been no parallel. Worldwide inventories of goods are now tracked in real-time, adding some certainty to demand and supply...

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Paul Pillar and Pre-war Intelligence

Perhaps the saddest thing about these new allegations is that they're not new at all. Over and over again, we've seen mounting evidence that the Bush administration looked to politics, not the facts, in making the decision to take our country to war. Indeed Seymour Hersh's book argues that the Bush administration compromised the intelligence analysis process to let flawed intelligence through that would support the case for war. The women and men of Rhode Island serving in uniform, their families, and all of us, deserve better than spin and half-truths. You deserve a U.S. Senator who will stand up for you, hold this administration's feet to the fire, and ask the tough questions to ensure that this country never again goes to war without knowing why.

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Leadership in Israel-Palestine

In times of crisis the world needs leadership.  Over the past five years, as the Israelis and Palestinians have struggled to move toward a peaceful resolution, the U.S., led by President Bush, has stood on the sidelines.  We hear rhetoric.  We see some action every few months when the political winds are blowing in a favorable way, but unfortunately there has been little action.  

While I, for one, am not sure involving Bush in such a difficult situation, particularly given the incapacitation of Sharon and recent political upsurge from Hamas, would add much (See Iraq), he's all we have and it is about time that Congressional leaders and future presidential nominees work toward a pragmatic solution.  The only way there can be hope or peace is through US involvement and our willingness to push both sides to the negotiating table and make the difficult compromises that await.  

Below is a petition by Campaign for American Leadership in the Middle East (CALME).  Please add your name to the thousands of other Americans around the country who want to see leadership from the White House.

Here is the link: http://www.mideastcalm.org/

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