If Voting Was Sex (An imprecise analogy)

In America,  we talk a lot about voting and voting rights. We talk a lot about sex. Now imagine that when it comes to sex, all we did was talk. Too often, this is what progressives do with regard to voting and voting rights, because when it comes to registering new voters, to breaking down barriers to voting, to electing progressive election officials, to, well, putting the real sex in democracy, we are too often inadequate to the task.

The good people at the Secretary of State Project are giving us a way to advance the struggle for open and fair elections. Visit the site. You can contribute directly to progressive secretary of state candidates in Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota. Candidates in other states are being added, so don't despair. Just do it.

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Granholm's Lead Stabilizing in Michigan?

I had been pretty sure for awhile that Jennifer Granholm would pull ahead in the race against Dick DeVos in Michigan, even if I did have my fingers crossed. Well, I see two polls this week that make this point pretty clear. Separately they have been discussed here and here. The other good news is that Granholm is starting to make an issue of Scamway, and that isn't the only questionable company in the family.

Results from Republican outfit Strategic Vision:

1. Do approve or disapprove of Governor Jennifer Granholm's overall job performance?
Approve 47%
Disapprove 45%
Undecided 8%

4. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's overall job performance?
Approve 34%
Disapprove 58%
Undecided 8%

16. If the election for Governor were held today, whom would you vote for Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat or Dick DeVos, the Republican?
Jennifer Granholm 48%
Dick DeVos 43%
Undecided 9%

Debbie Stabenow looks strong, too. And this one from the Wall Street Journal:

Jennifer Granholm 50.8%
Dick DeVos 43.6%

And as I've argued before, Granholm doesn't need to get into a tit for tat about whether the state is better or worse than X. The more she goes out as her self, and from time to time reminds voters of just what DeVos's true background is, she will continue to improve. If you haven't seen "See Dick Run" from the Michigan state Dems, I recommend it. Maybe nothing you don't know, but information Michigan voters need.

But Scamway isn't the only company in the DeVos family portfolio deserving closer scrutiny. Consider Blackwater, which is run by DeVos's brother in law, brother of crazy ex-Republican chair Betsy DeVos. It's a Halliburton you don't hear about, making a war profiteer's killing, as it were, sending mercenaries to Iraq and even to New Orleans, where they have claimed the U.S. government has given them authority to use lethal force. Got that? But there's a lot more to say about that, maybe I will soon.

Meanwhile, Granholm has been under siege by a man who might just be the wealthiest ever to seek office in American history. The Granholm campaign should be commended for standing firm against unfair attacks and the governor should be praised for leading in difficult times. We could all learn a thing about that kind of perseverance. And I think the polls above show the people of Michigan are recognizing how great a governor they have, even if the political pundits are late to the game.

DeVos is a disaster in waiting for Michigan - and for America. Granholm is not in the clear yet (standard disclaimer) but she's looking strong now, and she'll keep getting stronger going into the fall.

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How the Club for Growth might help us win in November

The most recent Club for Growth related news came from Nevada this week. The Club's endorsed candidate Sharron Angle refused to accept defeat after losing the primary by 428 votes. Instead of asking for a recount (which she would have to pay) she is now sueing for a revote which would cost Nevada taxpayers approximately $1 million dollar.

Meanwhile the Nevada Republican party is in disarray with the state party chairman supporting Angle's lawsuit and the rest of the party establishment bashing her.

All across the country the Club for Growth has filed candidates in contentious primaries in an effort to get rid of moderate Republicans. They may succeed in this but it might just not turned out as planned. It looks more and more likely that the Club's efforts will help Democrats win in unexpected places this November including Nevada, Idaho and Colorado.

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Saving Democracy: the Sec. of State. Campaign

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Finally, there's a focused and innovative national campaign against Republican voter suppression, voter intimidation, and voter fraud: Secretary of State (SOS) Project.

Tapping the energy of hundreds of thousands of Americans outraged by the scandalalous conduct of election officials in 2000 and 2004, the campaign will focus on electing progressive candidates -- candidates committed to open and fair elections -- in targeted secretary of state races throughout the country: In Ohio,Minnesota, Colorado,Iowa, Nevada (page coming soon), and Michigan (just this weekend nominated Democrat Carmella Sabaugh in the SoS race).

The SoS web site will allow donors to contribute directly to the candidates via ActBlue.com's technology infrastructure.

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MI-GOV LOL new DeVos/Amway animation - must see!!!

Cross-posted at dKos and Michiganliberal.com

Take a look
at this new animation which just debuted today at the Michigan Democratic Convention. It's well worth your time. Love that pyramid!

More about billionaire Bush-backer Dick Devos (R) and Amway here.

See the NBC Dateline expose of Quixtar (the new incarnation of Amway in America that Dick DeVos started) here.

BTW, the latest EPIC-MRA poll has incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) pulling ahead by 7 points. Definitely good news for Granholm - who has been referred to as the nation's most vulnerable Democratic Governor...but not for long if we have our way.


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