Levin Finds Cushy Middle Ground

Way before the Connecticut Primary and just after Lieberman indicated that he'd run as an unaffiliated candidate if he lost the primary, I sent my Senior Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin an email.  Actually, I sent one to Debbie Stabenow as well.  I asked them both to support the winner of the Democratic Primary.  2 days ago Levin finally responded.

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Amway vs. The American Way

As you might know, Gov. Jennifer Granholm answered questions in the comments at Daily Kos today -- it was a great thread, and well worth reading. Because of some kind of error, she logged on as "artichoke" -- which was kind of funny, but not too distracting.  (Someone better tell Dick -- fear the artichoke!)  There were good questions, and she had some good answers.

Meanwhile, I got in a side conversation with a few other community members -- and came up with an idea that results in the following fun Photoshop work. Prepare to be Amwayed:

That should get the point across, no? So here's my other question: any ideas for who else should be added to the pyramid? I'm taking suggestions....

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Governor Granholm to Give Kos some Love

It looks like Governor Granholm, herself, will be writing on Kos and taking questions tomorrow (Wed.) morning. How exciting! Maybe she will make an appearance at MyDD?

The post also includes a new ad just released by the Michigan Democratic Party.

Who: Gov. Jennifer Granholm
What: Diary on Daily Kos
When: Wednesday, September 13, 11:15am - 12:15pm EST

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Saving Elections

The Secretary of State Project has raised more than $15,000 for progressive election officers in six states. This is huge. The great people at SecStateProject.org have taken us from hand-wringing to effective action over Right Wing election theft and voter suppression.

Progressive States Network has an important primer on voter suppression in the Stateside Dispatch. You can also download the pdf of the chapter on voter suppression, "The Threatened Habitats of Democracy" from my book, The Politics of Deceit.

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"See Dick Run" -- Hilarious Video Slams Dick DeVos

This is a "campaign ad,"[produced by the Michigan Democratic Party] attacking GOP Gubernatorial candidate for Michigan, Dick DeVos. It's only an internet ad, but it's downright hilarious.

It's also self explanatory.


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